• Diesel Decoder Review from YouTuber Trucker AK

    Trucker AK is both a truck driver and YouTuber that documents his experiences as a professional truck driver. His YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers, and posts several videos per week. His most popular video has over 4 million views and shows what a day in the life of a truck driver is like. Trucker AK was kind enough to do a Diesel Decoder review, which is our new Bluetooth diagnostic tool for commercial trucks.



    The Diesel Decoder review walks you through what this tool is meant to do: Help you quickly and efficiently diagnose commercial trucks. It easily pairs with Apple and Android devices and is a small compact design. Within minutes this tool will allow you to view fault codes, live data, VIN information, trip reports, and much more.

    For fault codes, we have connected our Diesel Repair platform to the Diesel Decoder. This allows users to “one tap” from fault code to free repair information. You can then view a summary of why the fault code was set, how to repair it, and probable causes – All for free! Free users on the Diesel Repair platform also can download a limited number of documents each month, which includes wiring diagrams, remove and replace instructions, step-by-step fault code troubleshooting, component locators, torque specifications, maintenance interval charts, recall information, technical service bulletins, and much more.

    Diesel Decoder Review

    We give a sincere “Thank You” to Truck AK for his Diesel Decoder review. This product can be purchased through a variety of ways:

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    Tyler Robertson is the Founder, Owner, and President of www.DieselLaptops.com. Started in 2010, DieselLaptops.com has become the premiere source of diesel diagnostic equipment for commercial trucks, off-highway equipment, marine, motorcycle, automobile, agriculture, and more.

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