Diesel Explorer Updates Are Here!

Diesel Laptops is excited to announce a major update to Diesel Explorer, our comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software. Running on Windows 7 or higher, Diesel Explorer reads all DTCs and faults from standard vehicle modules, including body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and more.

It provides live data, trip information, and HD-OBD readiness information, with built-in reporting for quick vehicle health checks. Our latest update brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your diagnostic experience.

Integrated Login/Signup Interface

We’ve streamlined the access process with a new integrated login/signup interface. This improvement allows users to manage their accounts seamlessly, making it easier to get started with Diesel Explorer and access its powerful diagnostic tools.

New Detroit Diesel Commands

We’ve added several new Detroit Diesel commands to expand diagnostic capabilities. These include:

  • DEF Pump Priming (GHG14+)
  • SCR ADS Self Check Test (GHG14+)
  • SCR Efficiency Test (EPA10+)
  • Low Temp ATD Test (EPA10+)
  • DEF Quantity Test (EPA10)
  • Soot Sensor Test (GHG17+)
  • SCR Component Test (EPA10+)
  • NOX Sensor Verification Test (GHG17+)

New Cummins Routine

We’ve also enhanced our Cummins diagnostic routines with the Aftertreatment DPF Restriction test for CM2350/2450 engines. This test helps diagnose and address issues related to Diesel Particulate Filter restrictions, ensuring optimal engine performance and emissions control.

GUI Improvements for Mobile Use

We recognize the growing use of tablets and mobile devices in the field. With this update, Diesel Explorer’s GUI is now much easier to navigate using a tablet or Windows mobile device. This enhancement ensures that you can efficiently perform diagnostics and access information on the go.

Expanded VIN and ESN Implementation

For users working with pre-2007 Cummins engines, we’ve implemented VIN and ESN functionalities. This addition allows for more accurate and comprehensive diagnostics on older engine models, ensuring that you can maintain and repair a wider range of vehicles.

Additional Improvements and Features

  • Detroit Ash Accumulator Resets
  • Standardized Road Speed Changes
  • Road Speed Parameter for Volvo/Mack EPA10 Vehicles
  • Improved VIN Decoder Functionality
  • Fault Code Reading for Eaton Endurant Transmissions

At Diesel Laptops, we are committed to enhancing our products to meet the needs of our customers. This latest update to Diesel Explorer reflects our dedication to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly diagnostic software in the market.

We invite you to explore these new features and experience the improved capabilities of Diesel Explorer by downloading it free: Diesel Explorer Download.

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