• Diesel Explorer Update 1.0.9

    Diesel Laptops is expanding our very own diagnostic software, Diesel Explorer! 

    We've been listening to customers' needs and have made Diesel Explorer compatible with OBDII Vehicles including automotive, 2013 & newer Mack, along with 2015 & newer Volvo.

    Our new Connection Wizard makes connecting your vehicle easier. Simply select the connection wizard, choose your connection type and variant, then click save settings.

    In our commitment to providing the best for our users, we have also made Diesel Explorer more utilizable, customizable, and flexible.

    More Utility:

    Diesel Explorer can now clear fault codes on OBDII, J1939, UDS, and J1587 protocols. We've added lamps to the tool bar which mirror lamp illumination requests in the vehicle. A Pre/Post scan tool will be added in the coming months with a web dashboard for monitoring vehicles company-wide. Most exciting is a one-click feature to go from fault code to repair information. Click below and create a FREE Diesel Repair account to take full advantage of this feature.


    Diesel Explorer now allows users to change the appearance of their data grids. Follow 'File>Preferences' to adjust header row font/color, background color, grid font/color and grid background color. Diesel Explorer also allows for you to manage duplicate fault codes. Learn more about fault codes on the Diesel Laptops Blog, here


    We've added features to cut down on your hardware needs. By customizing the connection options you can connect and read engines with different datalink locations. We've also partnered with SOARR to allow users to download vehicle health reports right into the SOARR dashboard.

    Diesel Laptops will continue to innovate and bring the most cutting edge software to our users. Feel free to comment or email suggestions on which features you would like to see in the future.

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