• Diesel Explorer Version 2.0 Now Available

    Diesel Laptops is proud to release version 2.0 of our comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software, Diesel Explorer

    We've been listening to customer feedback and have revamped the interface to be more user-friendly, also adding new functionality to this free diagnostic software. 

    Updating to Diesel Explorer 2.0 is Easy:

    Existing users follow the prompts in your Diesel Explorer software to complete your update. New users simply add Diesel Explorer to your cart and checkout for free. You can then access the software to download and install on your device.

    If you need assistance installing the update, call our Technical Support Department at 888-983-1975, option 2.

    What's New?:

    Diesel Explorer's new interface has been simplified by design to help users get the information they need quickly.

    Diesel Explorer General Tab

    The software now includes support for UDS and WWH-OBD protocols and the ability to print PDF diagnostic reports. 

    Print Diagnostic Reports

     *Reports are printed to a PDF format that include Engine Data, DTCs, Components, Total Vehicle Data, and Total Trip Data.

    The new Multi-Protocol Mode will automatically scan all available channels and determine which protocols are available. Automatic Scanning displays DTCs and Component Information such as VIN, Make/Model/Serial, and more when the truck is connected. 

    The new tabbed layout makes finding information easier using the following categories:

    • DTCs: displays diagnostic trouble codes/fault codes from all currently connected DTCs
    • General: displays crucial and up-to-date primary data: engine speed, engine coolant temperature, etc.
    • Basic Data: displays a snapshot of approximately 20 different parameters read in from the truck
    • Total Vehicle Data: displays total vehicle parameters: total vehicle distance, total engine run time, etc.
    • Total Trip Data: displays total trip parameters: trip distance, time fuel used, etc. This tab also includes a button that will reset the trip data available over J1939 (if applicable)

    Diesel Laptops is proud to provide this comprehensive diagnostic free of charge. Click here to begin the download process or learn more about Diesel Explorer's functionality.

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