Diesel Laptops Launches Truck Parts Lookup!

Let me be the first to welcome you to TruckPartsLookUp.com.

The Big Idea in 29 Words

If you could identify the heavy-duty parts that you’re looking for easily without needing a VIN or engine serial number, you could greatly improve the efficiency of truck repair.   

My name is Tyler Robertson, and I am the CEO and founder of a company called Diesel Laptops. I founded this company with one underlying principle – to find solutions that improve the efficiency of truck repair.

We first started that with diagnostic software, and have now branched out to diesel technician training, live diesel technicians in a call center helping clients every day and truck repair information.

One of our clients asked us, “Is it possible to lookup parts without a VIN or engine serial number?” As those of you in the industry know, the answer has typically been “no”. When you need a part, you are pretty much stuck calling your local truck dealership or parts professional.

The problem with that is two-fold.

Truck Dealerships

Typically, truck dealerships charge more for their parts. Especially when they are selling you an Original Equipment (O.E.) part or a captive part that is not available in the aftermarket.

Aftermarket Parts Distributors

Most aftermarket parts stores have one, maybe two knowledgeable heavy-duty parts people. You call them hoping that you will be able to get them on the phone on the first try but often you end up talking to a younger parts technician who expects you to provide them with the part number.

It is very frustrating because you end up having to call the dealer anyway and they don’t like to give out their part numbers so you end up getting a dealer part number that the aftermarket parts person may not be able to cross.

All you need is one part to get your truck back on the road and you’ve been on the phone for nearly an hour and your still not sure the right part is going to be delivered!

It is this problem that our parts professionals and software engineers set out to solve.

Today, we can say “yes, it is possible to lookup parts without a VIN or engine serial number.”

But there is a reason that this solution hasn’t been developed until now. It is a complex and expensive process that takes time. We’ve been hard at work and we’ve invested heavily in solving this problem because our mission is to find solutions that improve the efficiency of truck repair.  

TruckPartsLookUp.com has been launched as a public beta to show the world that it is possible. To that point, we have done this with engines, transmissions, suspensions, and complete trucks.

Not only that, but we have integrated our TruckPartsCross.com platform in the product as well. This allows you to find parts without a VIN, along with instantly cross referencing them and finding aftermarket alternatives.

This is just the start.

With this gigantic leap forward, we have now opened the door to fully integrate more of our tools. You can expect tighter integration of truck parts with our wiring diagrams, labor time guide, diagnostic fault codes, and much more. Diesel Laptops is committed to bringing information to repair facilities and diesel technicians across the globe through websites, desktop applications, and mobile applications.

With all of that said, do not expect TruckPartsLookup.com to remain free forever. We fully intend to move this site to a paid platform. This process could take months, or it could take years. We don’t know.

As users, we value your opinion. We want to make this a better platform, and we are committed to releasing additional databases every month. We will be posting monthly updates on the blog, but more importantly, we want your feedback. We kindly ask you take several minutes to give your opinion, and we appreciate your blatant honestly.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

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Tyler Robertson

Tyler Robertson is the Founder, Owner, and President of www.DieselLaptops.com. Started in 2010, DieselLaptops.com has become the premiere source of diesel diagnostic equipment for commercial trucks, off-highway equipment, marine, motorcycle, automobile, agriculture, and more.


Demetrios Varnasidis - February 11, 2021

Good Afternoon

I would like to obtain more information regarding the parts look up program. Please advise when you are available to chat further

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