• Diesel Laptops Off-Highway Kit with Jaltest Software on TEREX TA 300

    Take a look as our Off-Highway Team goes through the functionality of the Diesel Laptops Off-Highway Diagnostic Kit with Cojali Jaltest software on a TEREX Articulated Truck (TA 300) with Scania engine. This piece of equipment can be found under the OHW & Construction equipment module. However, there is also an agriculture module and a combo kit option that can be useful depending on what equipment you work on.

    Scania Engine Functionality

    The first step is to go in and find the manufacturer and series (TEREX  TA 300 Series). We are going to take a look at the engine capabilities first. Under ‘Diagnostics Menu’ find the cable needed to connect to this Scania engine (Multipins)

    The main menu will allow you to perform these dealer-level commands on the engine:

    • Read fault codes
    • Clear fault codes
    • View system data: ECU Data & Operation Data (Coolant Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Speed, Oil Pressure)
    • Perform monitoring: Live Data Selection or System Display
    • Actuate components: Injectors, Fuel Pressure Reduction, Exhaust Brake Valve, VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (Bypass Valve), Fan Speed, Generator, Air Conditioning Compressor
    • System checks: Cylinder Cut Out, Cylinder Balance, Compression Test, Cylinder Performance Test, Injector Timing Rail Pressure, Fuel Leak Test, Leak Checking on Safety Valve, Diesel Particulate Filter (Sulfur Concentration at the Particulate Filter and Operation Checking), Fan Clutch, Exhaust Gas Recirculation System, Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment System
    • View and change parameters: Injector Code, Speed Limit, Reduction of the Vehicle Speed Limit in Economy Mode, Idle Speed, Revolutions with Power Take-Off Active, Fan Activation Temperature, Correction Factor for the Fuel Total Consumption, Power Take-Off Adaptation, Limitation Caused by Cold Engine, Limitation Caused by Low Oil Pressure
    • Perform maintenance: Particulate Filter Regeneration, EGR System Fault Code Override
    • Calibrations: Exhaust Gas Recirculation System, Turbocharger (Variable Geometry Turbocharger / VGT, Calibration Values Checking), Air Flow Sensor, Ash and Cinder Content Reset in the Particulate Filter, Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Sensor, Basic Adjustment of the Injectors Adaptation, Basic Adjustment of the Power Take-Off Adaptation

    Aftertreatment System Functionality

    Next we will take a look at the aftertreatment system, which in this case is a EEC3 Exhaust Gas Treatment System. We will use the same cable to connect to the aftertreatment system that we used to connect to the engine. From here you will see a menu that looks very similar to the engine.

    The main menu for the aftertreatment system will give you the option to:

    • Read Fault Codes
    • Clear Fault Codes
    • View System Data
    • Monitoring: Live Data Selection or System Display; You can add triggers if you want it to alert you if it goes above or below a certain range
    • Actuate Components: Metering Unit Heater, ADBLUE/DEF Metering Valve, ADBLUE/DEF Pump, Coolant Control Valve, ADBLUE/DEF Heating Circuit, ADBLUE/DEF Heaters
    • System Checks: ADBLUE/DEF Circuit, ADBLUE/DEF Metering, ADBLUE/DEF Defrost
    • Data Recorder

    Transmission Functionality

    We can also connect to the ZF transmission. Again, you will see an almost identical menu:

    • Read Fault Codes
    • Clear Fault Codes
    • System Data
    • Monitoring: Live Data Selection, System Display
    • Actuate Components: Clutch K1, Clutch K2, Clutch K3, Clutch K4, Forward Clutch, Reverse Clutch
    • System Checks: Gear Selector
    • Calibration: Transmission Calibration
    • Data Recorder

    About the Diesel Laptops Off Highway Kit

    This diagnostic kit is a fan favorite because it allows you to perform dealer level commands on over 70 makes of equipment. Not to mention, it comes with everything you need to plug in and get to work on your equipment including a CF31 Toughbook, 9 Pin/OBDII Cable, Cat 9 Pin, Power Pack, training, a year of tech support and more. Take a look at the kit details here.

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