• Diesel Laptops Repair Info, Training, & Support are now Integrated into TEXA IDC5

    Announced earlier this month, the Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher is the quickest and easiest way to access, learn about, or get support for all the software on your dealer level diagnostic kit. Today we’re excited to announce that access to the Desktop Launcher has now been fully integrated into TEXA’s IDC5 Software.

    The Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher can now be accessed at any time directly within TEXA’s IDC5 Software by clicking on the Diesel Laptops button on the lefthand column of the user interface. Please note, at this time, this integration is available exclusively on the TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Combo Diagnostic Tool.

    Once you click the button, it will open the Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher, which will give you access to exclusive repair information, training opportunities, and access to our US Based Technical Support Team. 

    Outlined below are some of the amazing features you’ll be able to quickly access from within the Desktop Launcher. 

    DTC Solutions

    There are tons of ways to get repair information for commercial trucks and components, but very few ways to get repair information for those codes. DTC Solutions contains repair information that you can't live without!

    DTC Solutions Off-Highway

    This is the world's first and only off-highway repair information program. Troubleshoot codes with detailed step-by-step repair information and wiring diagrams.


    Another product you will only find from Diesel Laptops! This program puts access to tens of thousands of PDFs in your hands when you need them. This includes step-by-step PDF guides, wiring diagrams, remove and replace instructions, and much more. This software program covers both Truck and Off-Highway. 

    Labor Time Guide

    Labor Time Guide is easy-to-use software that allows you to quickly and easily access common labor times and build professional looking custom estimates. This software has a lifetime license, no annual fees and even works without an internet connection.



    Not only do we offer weekly online TEXA training courses to help you get to know your software, but we offer Diesel Technician training as well.

    Each TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Combo Diagnostic Tools includes one free Diesel Technician training class.

    Technical Support

    With support form Diesel Laptops you'll get access to certified IT professionals and field trained Diesel Technicians.

    Our experts can guide you through any issue from basic connection issues to complex software issues and everything in between. Multi-lingual support is also available.

    Available Now

    The Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher is now shipping on all new TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Combo Diagnostic Tools, exclusively sold by Diesel Laptops. So try it today and speed up your workflow to be more productive than ever.

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