• Diesel Parts & Repair Feature Updates: April 2020

    Spring has sprung here at Diesel Laptops and we’ve been Marching forward with some cool new updates we know you’ll love. Let’s dive right in and check it out. 

    First Things First

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    Filter by Manufacturer

    One heavily-requested feature was the ability to filter your parts cross results by manufacturer. Since we have so many parts in our database - over 2 million! - it can get tricky to find a specific brand or part.

    So we added this handy dropdown you can use to filter all your results by manufacturer. Also, all the manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, so it’s even easier for you to jump to what you need. 

    Check it out in action below:

    Filter by manufacturer

    Obsolete Parts

    As our database grows and time goes on, some parts will stop being made or become obsolete, and we wanted to develop a way to show you that information. As a result, our database team here at Diesel Laptops can now flag parts as obsolete. When you’re looking through our parts selections, we’ll now notify you about parts that are obsolete. 

    We marked the below part as obsolete to show you what it looks like on the site. 

    Obsolete Parts

    Quickly Delete Search

    You asked, and we delivered! Use the big X on the right side of the search box to clear out your current search quickly. Simple and effective!

    Delete Searches

    No Results? No Problem!

    Sometimes when you type a part number in the box, there aren’t any results. We’ve cleaned up our messaging to communicate that more effectively. Simple!

    No results

    Opticat Data Integration

    This is a big one!  Diesel Laptops has integrated with Opticat, an industry leader in parts data, in order to give you access to their massive database of information. The screenshot below shows only a small portion of what we’ve added. In addition to the general information, we also import:

        • Opticat Info - product and marketing descriptions
        • Opticat Product Attributes - attachment methods, connector gender, connector shape, color, finish, terminal connector information, and more
        • Opticat Extended Product Information - Shipping and tariff information, warranty information and more
        • Packages - Quantity, weight, and dimensions

    Opticat Data Integration

    General Bug Fixes

    We’ve got some general bug fixes for you too. Minor things that we’ve cleaned up to make your Diesel Parts experience just a little bit better. 

    • Fixed some issues you might run into when scrolling through content on the site
    • Save your login when the app is opened
    • Blank values in exploded view
    • Updated the API 

    We know you’ll love these new upgrades and updates, and we can’t wait to bring more improvements to the Diesel Parts platform as the year goes on. In our pipeline we have some exciting stuff like a mobile app, more data services, and revolutionary new features that we can’t quite talk about yet. For now - login and enjoy!

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    Mike Heath

    Mike works with our marketing team here at Diesel Laptops to spread the word about our cutting-edge parts and repair platforms. When he's not marketing, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and 2 cats here in Columbia, SC.

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