• Diesel Parts & Repair Updates

    As part of our ongoing effort to modernize the HD industry, we’re excited to announce some innovative changes to our Repair platform for 2021. Let’s get into it! 

    Diesel Repair is Now the Only Truck Repair Platform to Include Parts Information!

    We now include Exploded Views & Parts Cross Reference in our Diesel Repair platform. Both of these tools allow you to go from fault code to part number in just a few simple and easy steps. 

    Not only are we the first in the industry to provide this functionality, but we also have the largest and cleanest database on the market today. And with daily updates and a dedicated team, our goal is to provide you with the best information whenever you need it.

    Exploded Views

    Exploded Views

    Exploded Views - Find any part you need even without a VIN! Use our innovative guided search and detailed exploded view diagrams to quickly find any part.

    What we found is there's a lot of commonality between trucks of all types. Around 70% of the parts on your T680 are the same as any other T680 on the road - and from there, we only need to identify the other 30%. 

    For Exploded Views, we're focused on the high failure parts on trucks, and we've combined technologies to make it easy to not only find your part but also cross-reference it as well.

    Parts Cross Reference

    Parts Cross Reference

    Parts Cross Reference - Use the industry’s largest HD parts database to cross-reference any OEM or aftermarket part. Recently we surpassed 2 million unique parts and 100 million crosses available in our database, with more added every day.

    View images, find VMRS codes, and even buy parts right from the search results page. Sign up for your free Diesel Repair account and get started today!

    Symptom Based Troubleshooting

    Symptom Based Troubleshooting

    Symptom Based Troubleshooting allows you to view repair information for symptoms. This module is 100% free until the data content is loaded - we have a team working on adding more functionality every day. Expect to see frequent updates to this module!

    Repair App Improvements

    Behind the scenes, our tech team have been working hard to make both Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair apps smoother, easier to use, and faster. 

    Repair App Improvements

    Starting today, you can find all your items in the upper right menu under your initials. This includes account details, subscriptions, and more. 

    Also, clicking the bell icon will display Diesel News, which we use to let you know about all the new parts and modules we add to the system every week. Be sure to check it out regularly! 

    Diesel Parts Updates

    We’ve been hard at work on Diesel Parts too! With over 2 million parts in our database, we’re focused on providing the best customer experience we can. 

    Preferred Manufacturers

    First up - manufacturers now have an icon and direct link that leads clients to their profile page. Preferred manufacturers have a detailed profile page, complete with product information, videos, return policies and more. Non-preferred have an empty page. 

    P.S. Want to become a preferred manufacturer? Get in touch! 

    Preferred Manufacturers have a Yellow Icon. Non-Preferred are Black.

    Exploded Views

    Exploded Parts View

    We’ve made some changes so that images are now properly sized when zooming in, and other changes to make sure you see the best image quality at all times.

    Advanced Tools

    Want to see all our advanced tools in one place? Check out our new Advanced Tools page on the Diesel Parts website by clicking the button below:

    That’s all for now! Make sure you check back soon for more updates and new features from Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair!

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    Mike Heath

    Mike works with our marketing team here at Diesel Laptops to spread the word about our cutting-edge parts and repair platforms. When he's not marketing, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and 2 cats here in Columbia, SC.

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