• Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair Updates - November 2020

    Since our launch early this month we've been working hard to make sure our Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair platforms deliver the best possible parts and repair information available online.

    During the month we've received amazing feedback, and so today we want to share with you some exciting new features we think you'll love. 

    Diesel Parts Updates

    The first thing you'll notice is our new search button for parts search, so make sure you click it to begin your search.

    Along with the button, our software team has been working hard to make sure every search is faster and more accurate, and now with 10 results per page instead of 5 you'll be able to find what you need much faster. 

    Diesel Parts Search

    Parts Crosses

    Direct and Indirect crosses are now more prominently labeled.  Direct & Indirect Crosses
    • Direct crosses are ones we know with 100% certainty. We obtained them from the manufacturers.
    • Indirect crosses are ones we know with 95%+ certainty. They both cross to the same OEM number, they both have the same/similar parts description, so we are confident they're the same.

    Filter by Manufacturer

    We've added a new manufacturer drop-down from the search results so you can find the brand you prefer inside your results.

    Filter by Manufacturer

    Exploded Views

    In our Exploded Views module, certain parts can be purchased individually or by the kit. You can now click “show components” or “hide components” to change the view and more clearly see the relationship.
    Show Components

    Diesel Repair

    On our Diesel Repair side, we've been hard at work adding new features to help you find your repair information when you need it, every time. 

    My Documents

    Now you can save and view your documents during your session foe easy viewing later. Just choose "My Documents" from the user menu inside the app and you'll have access to this feature. 

    My Documents Menu Item
    Once inside, you'll see selections for Diesel Docs - "DOCS" and Diesel Wiring - "WIRING" combined with selections for both history and bookmarks. 
    Can't remember what you looked up? It'll be under your history. Want to look through your bookmarks? It's all right there. Just click an item to bring up the PDF in the main window. 
    Bookmarks and Docs

    Adding Bookmarks

    Adding bookmarks is simple, just click the bookmark icon inside any PDF and you'll get a notification that your PDF was added. Easy!

    Adding a Bookmark

    That wraps up our features update for November - and remember to keep checking back for more as we wind down 2020!

    We hope you've enjoyed using our Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair platforms as much as we enjoy bringing you the tools you need to get the job done. 

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    Mike Heath

    Mike works with our marketing team here at Diesel Laptops to spread the word about our cutting-edge parts and repair platforms. When he's not marketing, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and 2 cats here in Columbia, SC.

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