• Diesel Repair Content Update

    Diesel Repair is kicking off the new year with a huge content update. If you aren’t familiar with Diesel Repair, this website allows you to view repair information on commercial trucks. This includes fault code diagnostics for trucks and equipment, wiring diagrams, component locators, VIN decoder, torque specifications, remove and replace procedures, and much more.

    While content is uploaded almost every day, we are always excited to share what has been done in the last 30 days.

    Step-By-Step Troubleshooting for Fault Codes

    Step-by-step instructions

    (Step-by-step repair instructions example)

    While the platform includes free “quick repair” information for over 100,000 fault codes, our step-by-step directions give detailed pin-point diagnostics assistance. Roughly 80% of all fault codes now have the step-by-step fault codes, as we added another 2,515 new fault codes that span over 20,000 pages of documents for December. We also added pictures to 2,176 existing fault codes to make the content even better.

    Technical Repair Docs

    Technical Repair Documents

    (Technical Repair Document Example)

    The team at Diesel Repair added 1,801 new documents that contain over 13,000 pages of new content. These Technical Repair Documents includes torque specs, remove and replace procedures, maintenance intervals, and much more. This library now contains 29,182 unique documents.

    Equipment Fault Codes

    Equipment Fault Code Example

    (Equipment Fault Code Example)

    This is a paid only feature and contains repair information on over 3,000 ECMs found in the industry. In the past 30 days, the team at Diesel Repair created 122 new modules for New Holland, and uploaded 808 new modules from last month as well. This included fault codes for Challenger, Genie, Kobelco, Kubota, Linkbelt, CASE, and New Holland.

    Enhanced Content

    Enhanced Content Example

    (Enhanced Content Example)

    The Diesel Repair Graphics team has been busy, and created 9,428 new images and illustrations. These images were put into the following manuals:

    • Remove & Replace Instructions – Cummins N14 CELECT PLUS (1995-1998)
    • Remove & Replace Instructions – Cummins N14 CELECT (1990-1994)
    • Remove & Replace Instructions – Cummins M11 CELECT PLUS (1995-1998)
    • Remove & Replace Instructions – Cummins M11 CELECT (1990-1994)
    • Step-By-Step Troubleshooting - Cummins X12 CM2350 (2017-2020)
    • Step-By-Step Troubleshooting - Cummins X15 CM2450 (2020 & Newer)
    • Step-By-Step Troubleshooting - Cummins ISX (2003-2006)
    • Step-By-Step Troubleshooting - Cummins ISX (2007-2009
    • Step-By-Step Troubleshooting - Cummins ISM (2007-2009)

    Diesel Repair is a freemium platform for commercial truck repair. Users can enjoy free, limited access to each module. Paid users receive unlimited access to modules.

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