• Diesel Repair Punch-Out

    At Diesel Repair, we’re committed to helping get repair information quickly, without hassle, all in one place.

    That’s why we’re so excited to announce the next evolution of our HD Truck Repair Platform - the Diesel Repair Punch-Out.  

    Our Punch-Out allows 3rd parties to give clients a “one-click” solution to get the repair information the client needs - instantly - on the Diesel Repair Platform.  

    Note: to get the most out of this post, make sure you have an account on our Diesel Repair platform. It’s free - grab yours now!

    How Does Punch-Out Work?

    All we need is 2 pieces of information to land clients on the correct fault code: VIN number and the fault code. We take the VIN number, run it through our VIN Decoder software, and we now know the year, make, and model of the engine. We use that data, with the fault code, to land the user on the correct repair information. 

    URL Parameters

    The format of the URL string is as follows:


    Available module_name fields are as follows are as follows:

    URL Parameters

    The SrcID will be provided to you by Diesel Laptops. We will be able to provide you reporting on both clicks to our platform, along with the number of new users sign-ups that resulted from your origin.

    The {code} is the fault code. This field should be alphanumeric, with no special characters. The field can be either the true OEM fault code, or the SPN/PID with or without FMI. To learn more about OEM fault codes versus SAE fault codes, please visit our blog post that goes into more details

    Codes for each OEM are slightly different. For example, this is a typical fault code on a 2014 Cummins ISX12:

    • Fault Code = This field combines both the SPN/FMI combination (SPN 3218 FMI 2) and the OEM fault code (3682).
    • PID = Used in J1708 (pre 2007 for most engines) and smaller components such as transmission or ABS.
    • SPN/FMI = Both are used in conjunction with each other and are mainly used in 2007 & newer vehicles.
    • SID/PSID/PPID = The SID is used in older J1587 components, such as ABS and transmission, although you will find it in older pre-2007 engines. PSID and PPID exist only on Mack & Volvo engines pre-2007.

    You can be as specific as you would like with the fault codes. Below are examples, which shows you the various results you receive using the same example as above for VIN #3HSDZTZRXLN549203.

        • Search Query: 84
        • Results: 2 Results
          • SPN 84 FMI 0
          • SPN 84 FMI 1
          • Results matched from SPN field
        • Search Query: SPN 84
        • Results: 2 Results
          • SPN 84 FMI 0
          • SPN 84 FMI 1
          • Results matched from Fault Code field
      • Search Query: SPN 84, FMI 1
      • Results: 1 Results
        • SPN 84 FMI 1
        • Result matched from Fault Code field
    • Example Four - Search Query “1”
      • Search Query: 1
      • Results: 
        • 170+ search results
        • Results matched from any field starting with “1”.

    Punch-Out Demo

    Below are some more example strings you can use to view results for Technical Repair Docs & Wiring Diagrams. Note that these will pre-populate the fields needed until the last option, where the customer needs to select which wiring diagram or technical document they wish to view.



    Punch Out Features

    • For fault codes, all quick repair information and detailed step-by-step information is currently free. This will change in Q1 of 2021 when we make detailed step-by-step information a paid feature.
    • For Technical Repair Docs and Wiring Diagrams, clients can receive 2 documents per platform per month. After that amount they would need to upgrade to a paid account to view more.
    • Clients who are not logged in will still be directed to the punch out once they complete the login process. Users must complete the registration process for the first to take advantage of this feature.


    The Punch-Out has some limitations:

    • Fault codes only work with engine related fault codes currently. This is a limitation that VIN decoding does not show the make/model of transmissions or ABS systems. (Due late Q1 2021)
    • The current system is designed to work with 2007 & newer engine fault codes. 2006 and older engine fault codes are expected to be working late Q1 2021.
    • The ability to pass a Source Address (SA) to our platform so we can land clients on sub-component information for fault codes.

    All these limitations are being worked on, and we will communicate future releases with partners as they are developed.

    Future Development

    As always, Diesel Repair is under constant development, and we’re working on more cool new features to release this quarter. 

    Our Labor Time Guides is being re-tooled from the ground up to give you the most accurate labor time estimates available on the market today. Look for this update soon. 

    Symptom Based Troubleshooting is another software tool that we’re excited to bring to the Diesel Repair platform in Q1. Choose your symptoms and the guide will land you on the repair information you need.

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