• Diesel Scope - The First Digital Storage Oscilloscope for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

    Diesel Laptops has partnered with the leading manufacturer in automotive oscilloscope technology to bring you the Diesel Scope, The Diesel Scope is the first digital storage oscilloscope on the market specifically targeted towards heavy-duty vehicles and equipment! 

    What is a digital storage oscilloscope?

    A digital storage oscilloscope, DSO, allows you to see voltage readings over a period of time and presents this information as a graph. These detailed readings can be used to diagnose electrical problems that you can’t typically see with a multimeter or a standard diagnostic tool. Consider this: if a normal, handheld multimeter is a film camera that takes a still image, then the oscilloscope is a video camera that takes in multiple images over an extended period of time.

    How can it help me?

    Tasks that would normally take hours to complete can be done within minutes! Instead of removing valve covers and inspecting valve-train components on modern, commercial diesel vehicles, you can hook up the Diesel Scope, run a few common tests and be right on your way to a successful repair.

    The Diesel Scope also allows you to get more granular with your diagnostics to get to the root cause of intermittent issues like issues that occur in certain conditions or fault codes that come up irregularly. Dive deep into these electrical issues and hone-in on them to create a faster turnaround time. 

    Why the Diesel Scope?


    Consumers often overlook important specifications when purchasing an oscilloscope in exchange for a better price. While there may be other oscilloscopes on the market that seem to be cheaper than ours, the Diesel Scope is spec’d to handle all your automotive-related needs and will do so with power to spare. Our scope was created to work with heavy-duty equipment, so it includes features that are specific to this industry.  

    Guided Tests

    The Diesel Scope offers all the functionality of standard Picoscope tools, but we’ve also incorporated guided diagnostic tests specifically for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. These guided tests will walk you through the steps of running a specific test as well as give you examples of good waveforms to compare your results to. This expanding library of guided tests will stay updated with new and more efficient ways of doing things at the forefront of your diagnostics.

    Repair Information

    Diesel Scope customers also receive one year of free access to wiring diagrams on our brand new, consolidated repair platform Diesel Repair. After you’ve performed your diagnostic test using our guided tests, you can then look up how to repair your issue and, most importantly, you can view wiring diagrams.   


    Diesel Laptops technical support team is staffed with former diesel technicians who have been trained in oscilloscope diagnostics. If you have issues connecting your scope to a piece of equipment or need help performing tests, our team is here to help.

    Available Kits

    Diesel Scope is available in three different kit options: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Please call us at 888-983-1975 with any questions.

    Need Oscilloscope Training?

    The Diesel Laptops Training Center in Irmo, SC is now offering Oscilloscope Diagnostics 101. In this class, students will learn the basics of using a digital storage oscilloscope and learn how a DSO can make them more efficient and really take their diagnostic skills to a new level.

    Please note: This is a full day course held at the Diesel Laptops Headquarters in Irmo, SC. 

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