• Diesel Technician Shortage? Problem Solved! - The DL S2E48

    Diesel Technician Shortage? Problem Solved! - The DL S2E48 is now available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson addresses the industry-wide Diesel Technician shortage, giving insight on why there are so few diesel technicians, and how current events have taken a toll on the job market. Diesel Laptops and American Diesel Training Centers have partnered up to solve the Diesel Technician shortage problem, providing the best training and classes across the country.

    Tyler talks about how current events have altered the job market and where it stands now, pointing out new methods to find and attract employees rather than using traditional ways of posting jobs. With a high need for Diesel Technicians, Tyler explains the partnership between Diesel Laptops and Tim Spurlock’s American Diesel Training, and how they can help new Diesel Technicians save time and money by offering a 6-week program that provides all the fundamentals to get them started, sending them out the door to immediately start earning $15,000 per year than they were before, with a low monthly payment plan, and guaranteed job placement.

    Whether you are a shop owner looking to hire and train new Diesel Technicians or you interesting in becoming a Diesel Technician looking to take your career to the next level, this 6-week program is perfect for you.

    Be sure to watch until the end for all the details. If you have questions or would like to learn more about a particular topic, let us know.

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