Easily Test Your Connection with this Free Diesel Validation Tool

Diesel Validation Tool Software from Diesel Laptops makes testing your PC-to-adapter-to-vehicle connection a breeze. The next time you hook up to a vehicle just run this free software program to validate or troubleshoot your connection. 

Software Functions

This program works with all RP1210 Diagnostic adapters and performs the following:

  • Ensures your diagnostic adapter’s drivers are installed properly
  • Determines if the PC can communicate with the diagnostic adapter
  • Determines if the diagnostic adapter can communicate with the Vehicle
  • Provides information about the diagnostic adapter’s drivers and firmware

J1939 ECM Sniffer

In addition to assisting you in troubleshooting, the Diesel Validation Tool (DTV) can also be used to find modules that are communicating on the vehicle.


Running a Test

To check your connection with the Diesel Validation Tool, connect your PC to your Adapter and then connect your Adapter to your vehicle. Once everything is connected, launch the DVT Software to run the test.

Diesel Validation Tool

First, you will notice two black arrows that show no test of the connection has been performed.

After you perform the connection test, you will see several possible outcomes. 

Here, we have red arrows that indicate no connection was found between PC-to-Adapter or the Adapter-to-Vehicle.

In the example scenario below, the green arrow confirms that the PC is connected to the Adapter, but the red arrow shows the adapter is not connected to the vehicle.

And finally, we see two green arrows, indicating all connections are valid. This is your ideal scenario, signifying everything is in working order. 

If you do not have green arrows, keep troubleshooting, and test again until you see two positive green arrows. Then you will be ready to use your adapter to perform vehicle diagnostics.

Download the Diesel Validation Tool for Free on our website.

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