Jaltest Approved for Full FCA Diagnostic Functionality

Diesel Laptops customers using a Jaltest system are now able to perform diagnostics on FCA vehicles. This update is a step forward in terms of freedom to repair. Below is a video with instructions on how to add this functionality which remains secure through AutoAuth. Keep Reading for the full announcement and written step-by-step instructions. 

Since 2018, FCA vehicles (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have been protected with a SGW security module (Secure GateWay) in order to prevent unauthorized diagnostics and security attacks.

This module limits the diagnostic capabilities necessary to carry out a complete repair of the vehicle. Restricted functions include bidirectional test, DTC clearing, and more.

Jaltest now provides access to FCA protected vehicles equipped with this SGW module. In order to perform advanced diagnostic functionalities, Jaltest has been approved as compatible tool by FCA offering an easy connection between the user diagnostic tool and OEM authentication servers.

Below are three easy steps to obtain authenticated diagnostic capabilities:

1. Make sure you are using Jaltest 21.2 Software version or newer and a Jaltest Link V8 device or newer.

2. Create an authorized user in AutoAuth website:

Click here and register your shop. Verify your email and log into the website. Use these credentials to obtain administrator rights.

Once you are logged in, an annual subscription fee is required by FCA US. Select “Service Centre Signup/Independent Technician Signup” to proceed with the payment for your shop register.

Add technician users from your shop. To do this, go to “Manage Users” from your administrator account. In addition to the administrator user, it is possible to add a maximum of 5 users. More than 5 involve an extra cost, please follow the AutoAuth instructions.

3. Set your Jaltest device(s):

Go to “Manage Tools” and “Add Tool”. Select Manufacturer “COJALI” and Tool model “JALTEST”. Next, enter your Jaltest device/s Serial Number. You can find it in the label under the communication device. Be careful not to enter the serial number incorrectly. This number must be the last 9 digits of the serial number. It is possible to add a maximum of 100 tools to the administrator account.

Once the process is completed, the user is authorized to carry out a complete diagnostic process in vehicles protected by FCA with registered Jaltest devices. From then on, select the vehicle model and log into Jaltest with your credentials. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet during all diagnostic process.

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