• GUEST BLOG: Staffing Issues and The Salvage Market

    If you’ve been in the HD industry long enough, you have seen the cyclical struggle that salvage yards continue to have with finding and keeping good staff. This makes it extremely difficult for salvage companies to stay on top of their inventory and advertising efforts which, at the end of the day, impacts the bottom line.

    TruckPartsInventory.com has been working with salvage yards across North America for almost 20 years and through requests and suggestions from our customers, we are continually updating, changing and improving the software. We often hear the same old song and dance when we chat with new TPI Sellers: “I want to get organized and sell more, but I don’t have enough staff” or “I am a one-man-band and I just don’t have time to get my inventory sorted”.  And although this has always been an issue in our industry, it feels that in this current climate these time and staffing and issues have become significantly worse. Our goal has been and always will be to help. So, because of these recurring issues, we created a new category on TPI for our understaffed customers who still want to use TPI to get some organization and sell parts. We call it ‘Trucks for Parts’. Essentially all you need to do is type in the VIN, add a few pictures and voila - your truck is up on TPI! This is the easiest way to let the world know you have this truck and you are selling parts off of it. You can check out this new category on our website here: https://truckpartsinventory.com/parts/trucks+for+parts?rt=nf

    We have also developed a simplified type of truck-based inventory management that Scott Tetz, Owner and President of TPI, has coined Gravy Parts. Let me elaborate on this a bit… You’re an understaffed salvage yard, you need to get your yard organized and start advertising online to help your business but it’s a massive and overwhelming job. The first step: sign up with TPI. From there we get you to start adding your trucks into the system and inventorying a few main components off of each truck – for example the engine, transmission and differentials. We like to call these parts the ‘meat & potatoes’ of the truck. These main components should at least cover the cost you paid to purchase the truck. Now everything else you sell off of that truck, like doors, dash consoles, seats, etc. are pure profit: the ‘gravy’. Or if you don’t have time to manually enter anything off your trucks, everything can be a gravy part. This lets you easily track profits on your wrecked trucks without hours of inventorying parts. This has hopefully made a lot of sense to you or at least made you really hungry but either way, this is the basic inventory model TPI is using to help overwhelmed and understaffed salvage companies get started on TPI.

    If you’re interested in selling parts on TruckPartsInventory.com, learn more about how we can help your business here: https://truckpartsinventory.com/features

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