• GUEST BLOG: Three Tools for Fleet Managers

    It’s no secret that fleet managers are pulled in a lot of different directions. From onboarding and training fleet drivers to maintaining detailed service records and inspections, fleet managers have various tasks to cover every day. Today, I want to share three simple ways fleet managers can streamline their workday, optimize their workforce, and increase operations.


    1. Automate Onboarding and On-the-Job Training

    Developing quality drivers is an essential part of a fleet manager’s job, but it takes a significant amount of time and energy. Instead of pouring energy into in-person training and training activities, increase productivity and efficiency by automating onboarding and training processes. Automated onboarding and training allow you, fleet managers, to onboard new hires, bridge skills gaps, and upskill entire teams without ever having to be present. Thus, by using either a desktop, laptop, or smart device, drivers can complete their onboarding or training from anywhere at any time, streamlining their workday and optimizing your team. 

    2. Eliminate Manual Reporting

    Manual reporting can be time-consuming and highly inaccurate. When things aren’t done correctly, the problem is usually human error, not the report. You need a way to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it because maintaining detailed vehicle servicing and inspection records is a crucial aspect of your job. It’s time to break free from a life of bad manual reporting and embrace automated reporting. With automated reporting, some companies saved over 300 person-hours per month, and that’s on top of the overall improved efficiency and reduced worker frustration. Eliminate manual reporting tasks, and instead, increase your first-time fix rate, gain visibility of your team, and drive your fleet’s profitability through the help of automated reporting. 

    3. Offer In-The-Moment Assistance

    Where do front-line employees turn when they are stumped in the middle of a process? Often, it’s Google or YouTube, meaning investments in great training are wasted and workers get the wrong advice. It’s time to equip your team with in-the-moment assistance such as step logic guides, expert connections, and the right videos. With step logic, technicians can be guided through yes/no sequences to fix specific problems based on what conditions they see. Pre-selected videos can be offered for easy access to proper solutions. And, additionally, designating experts for specific issues, can take the guesswork out of who to contact for what, so your employees can reach the right person at the right time when they need it the most.

    4. How DaVinix Can Help

    By automating your onboarding and training, eliminating manual reporting, and offering in-the-moment assistance, you can transform how you manage your fleet. At DaVinix, we’re here to help. We break the cycle of dependency, wherein employees are reliant upon in-person training, memorizing long complicated processes, and time-consuming, inaccurate reporting. Our affordable pricing assures your return on investment will be seen in no time--driven by overcoming onboarding and training challenges, eliminating hours spent on manual reporting, and improving uptime. On top of all that, DaVinix is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to maintain.  Head to davinix.com to start your free 30-day trial and experience the DaVinix difference today.

     About the Author:

    Nikole Miller 
    Hi there! I’m Nikole Miller, and I am part of the Solutions Architect team at DaVinix, Inc. I work one-on-one with companies to deliver step-by-step automated procedures, inspections, and checklists to assist professionals in optimizing their employees and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and visibility. Are you interested in revolutionizing your workday? Schedule a demo with me by clicking here.

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