• How to Code a John Deere Injector Using Cojali Jaltest

    Off-highway equipment diagnostics and maintenance doesn’t need to be a headache. Cojali’s Jaltest is a versatile software that can be used for diesel trucks, marine applications and other diesel engines. But what this kit really excels at is its ability to work on construction and agricultural machinery. In this blog we will walk you through the details of coding a John Deere injector using Jaltest in a few easy-to-follow steps!


    1. Using your Cojali Jaltest Off-highway software, select the construction side by clicking the backhoe image.
    2. From the list of manufacturers, choose John Deere.
    3. Select a model from the list, we can narrow this down by selecting ‘K Series’ – this is a 410K.
    4. From here you should see there are different levels of tiers and ECM levels.
    5. You can run a system scan and choose your connector. We are plugged in with a green 9 pin.
    6. Once the scan is complete (it might take a few minutes) it will indicate that we have an interim tier 4 engine and display fault codes.
    7. Connect to the engine.
    8. By clicking ‘read fault codes’ we can get some information about system identification.
    9. Next we can select ‘System Data’ to see ‘ECU Data’ where we can see that we are plugged into a 4045 engine.
    10. Go to the ‘Parameters Tab’ > find the ‘Injector Coding’ function > select & press ‘Accept.’
    11. This screen will display the sheet that comes with the injector which lays out where to find the code information to update the ECU. Press the check mark on the right side of your screen.
    12. After we do this it will look for all the current injector codes. This view shows your part number and your serial number.
    13. You can modify this by selecting the cylinder information. Again, the new part reference, serial number and injector code information is on the sheet that came with the injector. The software will prompt you so you know when to enter each code.
    14. Verify the information is correct and then accept. It will take you back to the injector codes so you can confirm that it has successfully updated.


    It’s as simple as that! Diesel Laptops aims to provide unmatched training for Diesel Technicians, from quick tutorials & webinars to full day in-house training. For more information about the Cojali Off Highway Diagnostic Kit or to sign up for training classes contact us and our team will be glad to assist you!

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