How To Code A Yanmar Injector On Texa Off-Highway

Coding a Yanmar Injector is simple with the TEXA Off-Highway Complete Kit by Diesel Laptops. There are several modules available on the TEXA software including car, truck, bike and marine, but for this purpose we will be using off-highway.

Injector Coding Steps

  1. Under the ‘Off-Highway’ Module select ‘Construction Vehicles & Special Vehicles’
  2. This Yanmar engine is actually in a Tackeuchi excavator so we choose the manufacturer
  3. Choose the model. In this case it’s under the ‘Excavator TB Series’
  4. The next step is choosing our engine type, which is Yanmar
  5. Get connected to the machine, you will need external power
  6. Under settings tab select ‘Injector Coding’, press ‘Enter’
  7. Input today’s date & ‘Confirm’
  8. Now it is going to find the current injector codes
  9. Enter the Injector information and ‘Confirm’
  10. Turn the key to stop and ‘Confirm’ again
  11. Finally, go back to Settings to the Injector Coding option to verify that it was input correctly

Texa Off-Highway Complete Kit Capabilities

Along with allowing you to effortlessly code your injectors, these robust kits have a variety of uses that make maintaining and repairing your construction, agricultural or industrial machine a breeze. The kit includes countless ECMs allowing you to complete tasks including:

  • Checking Fault Codes
  • See ECU Information & Part Numbers
  • View and Adjust Live Parameters
  • Access to a Dashboard Feature with Picture View That Shows How the System Works
  • Activations Tab Which Includes Tests such as Direct EGR Valve Command, Error Clearing, Injector Test and Much More
  • Settings Tab Lets You Force Fegens, Run Calibrations, etc.

For a full breakdown of features included in the Texa Off-Highway Complete Kit visit our website or talk to one of our on-staff Diesel Techs.

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