• Human Resources at Diesel Laptops - The DL S2E46

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    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson is joined by Charlie Webb, Diesel Laptops’ Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration to discuss important things to know about how HR should function, the value that a good HR person can provide to your company, and what to anticipate in the current job market. Whether you are a growing company looking to add an HR department or even if you are entering the job market and want to know what is expected of you as a potential employee and are interested in learning more about what goes into the hiring process, this podcast is for you.

    Charlie and Tyler share a few experiences from Diesel Laptops, from hiring, firing, employee growth, raises, and more. They talk about how Diesel Laptops started out with a single HR person prior to Charlie becoming a vital part of the Diesel Laptops family. With this story we learn that sometimes we might get someone who is essentially an office manager and gets people paid, however, Charlie points out the processes and other benefits a good HR person can bring to the table.

    Also discussed is the current job market, expectations vs reality of potential employees and younger generations entering the workforce, and Diesel Laptops’ hiring process. Charlie explains how pay scales and salaries are decided on based off what others in the market are offering and making depending on location and skill level. He and Tyler talk about what some employees expect, how to handle it, and get them set up to achieve their goals. Charlie gives us some insight on what Human Resources is currently experiencing at Diesel Laptops in the current job market, as well as what goes into the hiring process.

    If you are looking to grow your company and add a human resources department or if you are entering the job market and want to have insight on what might be expected or how an interview process works this is a great episode to learn from. And there are some really good stories to be heard here.

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