Industry Leading Repair Management Software with Pluss - The DL S2E43

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In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Mike Chipley, President, and Todd Adams, Vice President of Product Management & Engineering, of Pluss Software LLC. Pluss has been a leading provider of heavy-duty truck parts and repair shop business management software since 1984, working with companies that range from the startup phase up to enterprise level businesses.

Mike and Todd tell us all about Pluss, from how the company started out to where it is now, including what is new or what is to come, such as mobile payment solutions available in the field, their preventative maintenance module, and much more. Tyler and Todd talk about plans for Diesel Laptops and Pluss to collaborate to help customers be more competitive in the market. Todd elaborates on how Diesel Laptops’ diagnostics data and tooling can be integrated into Pluss’ work orders to create more accuracy and information. 

Diesel Laptops exists for two reasons which are to save you time and make you money. Here, we learn how Pluss exists to do exactly the same with their industry leading repair management software. Learn more about Pluss Software LLC in this episode and find out how their products can help your shop or business run more efficiently and keep valuable customers coming back.


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