• Keep It Going: America and the Trucking Industry

    The following is a guest post by Ethan Nadolson, CEO, SOARR / Chief Commercial Officer, TruckTractorTrailer.com.

    I recently took a trip to Sam’s Club and witnessed first-hand some of the hysteria that the recent Coronavirus has caused as droves of customers cleaned out shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bread, cereal, and other modern-day necessities.

    While I was picking up basic groceries that we use as a family of 6, I couldn’t help but have a deep appreciation for the many hands that make these items available to us every day – the entire supply chain of farmers, manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, sellers, and many others that make this convenience a reality for all of us in the USA and other countries.

    What is the common bond for all of these? Trucks. Lots of trucks. Big trucks, little trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and let’s not leave out a specific callout to trailers.  If we go down this road a little further, we can get into things like the electricity to make it all possible, which uses boom trucks and…well, let me just stop there.  The point is that trucks and trailers are at the core of what keeps our economy and society going.  The old saying “Without trucks, America stops!” could not be better understood than when we look past the empty toilet paper shelves to the drivers and companies that keep them restocked.

    So, first, THANK YOU to our owner-operators, drivers of trucks great and small, to our fleets and delivery services; to the farmers, and everyone else that jumps behind the wheel of one of the greatest tools on earth. We appreciate you and the work you do every day.

    By the same token, we must also appreciate the risk in intrastate and interstate travel, praying that the delivery of goods does not stop, or we’ll all be scrambling. Safety measures such as social distancing, handwashing, sanitization of truck stops, and many others come to mind for the driver, but what about the purchasing of trucks? With social distancing, onsite shopping or live auctions may not be possible.

    The good news is that we have prepared for this. While the idea of a pandemic was not top of mind, buying and selling trucks online 24/7 certainly was and TruckTractortrailer.com was built for just this type of interaction. Dealers, fleets, owner-operators, finance companies, and anyone with inventory can safely negotiate and transact in this online marketplace for used trucks, tractors, and trailers. 

    In fact, the system is so robust that the site can facilitate a Certified Used Truck Inspection of the unit (wherever the truck is located), supply a DOT, make repairs, offer warranties, financing, insurance, and arrange for the truck to be delivered after negotiating pricing 100% online – all designed to limit the in-person interaction with the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

    For dealers, fleets, and finance companies with a larger inventory, SOARR has partnered with TruckTractorTrailer.com to automate the upload of multiple units for listing.

    I want to emphasize that this service is available not only to dealers but to anyone that needs to buy or sell inventory. Even the owner-operator, farmer, or small business can sell their truck and offer a certified used truck inspection from our friends at TA Truck Service and all the other services mentioned above – a listing that can have the same quality as a larger seller.

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