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    Diamond Logic Builder

    Diamond Logic Builder, or DLB for short, is the body and cab diagnostic and programming software for International Trucks. This is the software used by Navistar dealerships to perform a variety of functions. This includes basic functions such as reading non-drivetrain sensors in your International truck and performing diagnostic fault code functions such as reading and clearing. The Diamond Logic Builder software also can be unlocked to perform more advanced functions.

    Diamond Logic Builder Permission Levels & Licensing

    The Navistar Diamond Logic Builder is a lifetime licenses but comes with several different levels of permission. Your initial purchase will allow you to only read data and perform diagnostic functions. You will not be able to perform parameter programming without taking some additional online learning classes. To perform advanced logic programming, it requires passing an instructor lead course. The Advanced Logic Programming is typically only used by body builders that are integrating equipment into the truck.



    Level 1 (Diagnostics)

    Lifetime licenses included with purchase. Used for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

    Level 2 (Level 1 + Parameter Programming)

    Completion of web-based training per user. You can apply International standard programming to modules/components.

    Level 3 (Level 2 + Advanced Logic)

    Completion of instructor lead training per user. Allows ability to write custom features beyond what comes standard from International.

    Diamond Logic Builder Level 1 Explained

    Your purchased of Diamond Logic Builder comes with a lifetime licenses, including updates, to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting on International Trucks with the High Performance Truck’s electrical system. This means you can properly view all fault codes, clear inactive fault codes, view live data, and perform diagnostic commands. These are the trucks which are using the multiplexing wiring system to work with components such as:

    • Body Controller/Electrical System Controller
    • Remote Power Module(s)
    • Remote Air Solenoid Module(s)
    • Electronic Gauge Cluster
    • Rocker Switch Packs
    • HVAC Controls
    • Engine Controls
    • Transmission Controls
    • Anti-Lock Brake Module
    • AWARE SM Vehicle Intelligence Module

    Below are some images of what these computer systems look like on International Trucks.

    International ESC

    International Body Controller

    International Air Module

    When you are connected to the vehicle you will be able to view all the modules installed on the vehicle. 

    The diagnostic menu will look similar to the image below. This is where you can clear codes, enter diagnostic mode, perform bulb test, setup signal triggers for recording, graph data, and other features.

    All your available fault codes will be displayed. However, repair information is not included for these. We recommend you use Diesel Repair to find that information.

    Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 Explained

    Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 goes beyond diagnostics. This allows you to create and apply templates along with adding and removing features. Templates are files that capture and store a vehicle configuration file and then you can apply it to other vehicles. For example, if you had custom switches on your dash and wanted to apply it to all the other vehicles in a fleet, you would just apply the template to those vehicles.

    Features are adding, removing, or modifying electronic components in a vehicle. For example, if you wanted to disable the fog lights on a truck, you would simply go that feature, click disable, and save the configuration to the vehicle.

    The only way to receive access to Level 2 is to pass an online course with Navistar. This is available on the Navistar Education website and is titled “Diamond Logic® Builder Level 2 Retail Course (8982)”. Upon completing the course and test, your account will be upgraded to allow you access to Level 2 features inside Diamond Logic Builder the next time you log into the program.


    Example of DLB Level 2 Parameter Changes

    The rows with the green checkmark identify the available templates

    Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 also gives you access to program blank ECU modules, along with performing ECU calibration updates. However, please note that it is rare that an ECU calibration will fix your issue. We also offer a rental service where Diesel Laptops technicians will perform the update and/or programming for you.

    Diamond Logic Builder Level 3 Explained

    To obtain Level 3 access does not require any additional software purchases or licenses. However, it does mean you need to pass an instructor led course offered by Navistar. You can create an account and see available classes on their website or contact your local International dealership. This will require you to have a deep understanding of electrical systems and delves a little bit into the basics of computer programming. The basic premise is that you use basic “logic blocks” which is custom logic that controls the specific behavior of the vehicle. An example would be if you required the horn to honk 8 times and the left turn signal to blink twice every time the parking brake is applied.

    Unless you or your company is doing a large amount of custom install work on International Trucks, there is no reason to have Level 3 access. Below are some screen shots of what this involves.

    Additional Training

    Diesel Laptops also offers training on Diamond Logic Builder. We have several diesel technicians that have been Level 3 certified and have put together a 2-hour learning session. You can watch the recorded version or sign up for a live sessions. Diamond Logic Builder is also available for purchase on our website.

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