New Software Updates! TEXA Off-Highway 20.5.0 Release

Time for another update! 

Yesterday TEXA released the newest version of the Off-Highway diagnostic software. Version 20.5.0 featured additions in coverage for CNH, JCB and some Liebherr engine coverage. 

Here the OHW 20.5.0 Release notes:

New models:
  • BW Series with Deutz Tier 2 and Tier 3 and Kubota engines;
  • BF Series Deutz Tier 3, Kubota and Perkins engine
  • BC Series Deutz and MTU engines
  • BM Series Caterpillar, Deutz and MTU Tier 3 and Tier 4 engine
  • RS Series Cummins, Deutz, MTU Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines.
Skid Steer Tier 4 final models: added DEF system
CNH Group
Developed the "Bosch Denoxtronic 2 Pump module replacement.”
DEUTZ Engine
The diesel injection system has been updated.
The diesel injection system tier 4 has been updated.
All the systems have been updated.
The SCR/DPF aftertreatment, transmission and diesel injection systems have been updated.
Developed the "Bosch Denoxtronic 2 Pump module replacement
The diesel injection system has been updated.
Developed the diesel injection system for the new models:
  • Dozer with Liebherr engine
  • Excavator with Liebherr engine
  • Telehandler with Deutz engine
  • Industrial Engine
Added Industrial engines selection.
New FPT diesel injection system.
MTU Engine
The diesel injection and SCR systems have been updated


Loader Tier3 / Tier 4 interim models:
  • Diesel injection
  • Transmission
Diesel injection:
  • ECU Engine control unit 6 cylinders
  • ECU Engine control unit 4 cylinders
Diesel Injection:
  • ECU Engine control unit 6 cylinders
  • ECU Engine control unit 4 cylinders
Diesel injection:
  • Bosch EDC 17 C 49 F1C Engine

What To Do If Your TEXA Didn’t Update

The awesome thing about having a TEXA Diagnostic Kit from Diesel Laptops is that it has a lifetime license. That means that your software will never kick you out. Once you buy it - it’s yours.

However, updates are a slightly different story. They are included with your first year, then you have the choice to purchase them.

So if you have a kit that’s older than a year and the new version of TEXA didn’t pop up on your laptop - chances are you haven’t paid for this years renewals. This is fine if the machines you work on are included on the version you currently have. The cool thing about the way TEXA is set up is that you can skip several years of updates if want. Then, when you are ready purchase you can catch up on the updates you missed.

If you want to purchase a renewal for your TEXA diagnostic kit to get updates, click here.

Need some tech support for your kit from a Diesel Tech or have questions about the update, call (888)983-1975

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