• Off-Highway Manufacturer Coverage Guide: Cojali Jaltest Edition

    Less downtime. User-friendly repair information. Lower operation & repair costs. That’s the mission.

    As a construction or agriculture heavy equipment owner or diesel technician you know finding the right diagnostic tool is key. If you are working on machines with different manufacturers that might even mean getting more than one tool. Some OEMs make you jump through hoops to give you the repair information you need, if they will let you have it at all.

    Diesel Laptops has created user-friendly kits that combine multi-brand diagnostic tools with repair information, parts information, diesel technician training and technical support to give you the edge you need, all in one kit.

    What Manufacturers are Included in the Cojali Jaltest Off-Highway Kit?

    Here’s a guide that dives into the manufacturers included on your Diesel Laptops Cojali Jaltest Off-Highway Complete Kit:



    Note: This list is specifically for construction, agriculture and industrial applications. For information about the Commercial Truck kit click here

    User-Friendly Heavy Equipment Repairs

    Get the support you need to get the most from your Cojali Jaltest Off-Highway Complete Kit powered by Diesel Laptops. US-based support and a free hands-on training course are included with your purchase.

    Don’t see the manufacturer you’re looking for? Each kit has scheduled updates, so if the tool doesn’t have what you need today it may be included in the next update. If you need something now, talk to our team of experienced diesel mechanics about your options or look at our other tools.

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    Jose Luis Najera - July 2, 2020

    thanks, one of the importan tings, is that requir, pin number of this tractors to give the rigt information, an ansure.

    Jose Luis Najera - July 2, 2020


    Jose Luis Najera - July 2, 2020

    it is important to mi to no tha model of the case tractors that can bi work with this your programs. I have the most of my clients have this models.
    Mx 230, 245 magnum. Mx 255, mx 279, 275 magnum mx 285. 305 magnum, 315 magnum an the nweonas, 225 magnum. 235 magnum tir 4, 265 magnum tir 4, 290 magnum tir 4, 315 magnum tip 4, an some the maxium 90,, 100, 110. 125, 155, plas a mxm 155, 175 195,

    Wayne Bryant - November 11, 2019

    Price range of kits

    Wayne Bryant - October 30, 2019

    Price range of kits

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