Our Mission to Keep Trucks Working During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Let's Help Keep Trucks Moving

As a business leader, we feel it is our obligation to help in the fight against COVID-19 in whatever way we can.

PLEASE NOTE - We have extended this offer through MAY 31, 2020.

Through May 31st, Diesel Laptops is making all of its repair information available for free. We are also extending our technical support department to any and all individuals or organizations that need assistance with repair trucks. Our USA based technical support department is comprised of both IT Professionals and Expert Diesel Technicians. These folks can assist with diagnostics, repair guidance, IT-related issues, and much more.

We've also reached out to some of our long-time partners to see if they could provide assistance at no charge during this period. Today's Class has offered to provide free online training, with a course specifically geared towards safety content related to viruses. Users will also receive access to training on electrical and aftertreatment systems.

Diesel Emission Services has partnered with our technical support team to provide more resources to help staff our call center.

These are the times when we as an industry need to come together and find new ways to help battle the problem at hand. If you or your business wishes to contribute to the cause, please contact us today and let's strengthen the battle against COVID-19. As an industry, it's our job to keep shelves full at stores, fuel at gas stations, and provide security for our Country.


Free Repair Information 

✅ Diesel VIN (Advanced VIN Decoding)
✅ Diesel Wiring  (Hundreds of thousands of pages of wiring diagrams)
✅ Truck Fault Codes (Repair information on every possible fault code that exists)
✅ DTC Solutions Off-Highway (Repair information for off-highway equipment fault codes)
✅ Truck Labor Times (View estimated labor times for tens of thousands of labor operations)
✅ Truck Parts Cross (Find alternative parts)
✅ Truck Parts Lookup (Find parts with a VIN or serial number)

Use the Registration Form at the Bottom to Get Access

Today's Class Technician

Being safe while working on commercial trucks is a serious business, and even more serious now. You will receive free safety training on how to deal with the virus, along with free training on electrical and aftertreatment.

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Technical Support

Through April 18th, our technical support department is now open to anyone repairing trucks, even if you aren't a Diesel Laptops customer. Our IT Pros and Certified Diesel Technicians are waiting to assist you!

Download Tech Support Tool

Redline Emissions Products

Redline Emissions Products will be donating technical assistance employees to assist the Diesel Laptops Technical Support Team. They are also offering 10% off all orders on their website. Use coupon code "DL10" at checkout.

Visit DPFPartsDirect.com

Penn Fleet

The decision to close rest areas in Pennsylvania is causing drivers problems to find areas to park, rest, and sleep. PennFleet has opened up its 5-acre lot and brought in portable bathrooms.

Visit PennFleet.com for More Info

Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge, which normally donates to local food banks for each refrigerated van upfit, has now doubled the donation from $500 to $1000 through April 15th. The money goes directly to local food banks to help children and families in need, which is critical with schools now closing. They are also offering a 5% discount..

Visit Glen Ridge Fleet for More Info


Official Registration Form

To register for this special offer, please fill in the form below.

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Tyler Robertson

Tyler Robertson is the Founder, Owner, and President of www.DieselLaptops.com. Started in 2010, DieselLaptops.com has become the premiere source of diesel diagnostic equipment for commercial trucks, off-highway equipment, marine, motorcycle, automobile, agriculture, and more.


Lewis Taylor - May 14, 2020


John Murray - April 22, 2020

Special thankyou tongue and your team for going above and beyond with customer service during these times. Other local resources are either closed or limited hours of operation. Your online assistance far exceeds anyone else I have reached out to.

Elijah M. Taylor - April 6, 2020

This is one of the reasons I am a Diesel Laptop customer. Not only do they care about there
products, but also the PEOPLE they service!!

DAVID HERNDON - April 6, 2020

Thank you for the added support to give us the tools to keep these trucks rolling!

Tony GReco - March 27, 2020

Thank you for your generosity and help in this time of need !!

Anthony G - April 1, 2020

This is truly very big of you to step up to the plate during this crisis and help others !!! It is greatly appreciated !!! Thank you so very much !!

Charmingordon - March 27, 2020

I’m from Jamaica and I’m working on a Mack engine mp7 and need some info on a code I’m getting

daniel - March 27, 2020

gracias por la información, saludos

James mcreynolds - March 27, 2020

It’s great some company’s see the bigger picture

Gianni Max - March 23, 2020

I Think it is very admirable gesture on the part of diesel laptop in dificult times that we are living, with the pandemic that afflicts everyone, I thank you for the effort for the technical support in information to continue in the race, thanks once again and many success for diesel lap tops.

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