• PF Diagnose Update Now Available!

    Diesel Laptops is proud to release the next versions of our universal software program, PF-Diagnose with exciting new bi-directional commands such as Paccar and Volvo forced regens and added ability to change Volvo injector trim codes! In our commitment to providing the best for our users, we have fixed minor issues with Pocket Fleet Diagnose and made major additions to functionality.

    Updating Your Software is Easy:

    Updates are available for free in the first year after purchasing PF-Diagnose and to those who have renewed their license. Simply download and un-zip the update file, uninstall the old version, and install the new version. Your settings will be saved and our Customer Support Team is here to help! 

    If you need assistance installing the update, call our Technical Support Department at 888-983-1975, option 2.

    License Renewal Includes:

    • Free updates on their software
    • Free technical support
    • Free access to Tech Repo (Service Manuals program)
    • Free access to the PF-Diagnose Forum

    PF-Diagnose Features

    • Fixed Slow Reading of Cummins Data plate.- The Data plate is the part of the ecm where the vehicle name, model, version, manufacturer, and so on is stored.
    • Corrected Issue with Volvo Level 41 Security- Level 41 is for changing parameters like injector trim codes.
    • Added MaxxForce Data Plate reading.
    • Improved DTC for UDS Support over Multiple Modules.- The previous version read ECM and ACM, code was added to read 6 common modules ecm, tcm, acm, abs cab controller, and acm (aftertreatment)
    • Improved Code Lookup Routine.- When the code is read, it is looked up on the Diesel Laptops server so we know what the SPN and FMI mean in English.

    Download the update here: 

    PF-Diagnose Download

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