• Season 2 of The DL Podcast Starts Friday

    The DL - Season 2 is coming on Friday, September 18th. This weekly podcast series is hosted by Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson. Each week, Tyler interviews subject matter experts that give insight into the heavy-duty truck, construction, and agricultural equipment industries.

    All past episodes from Season 1 are available now to stream on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube

    In anticipation of Friday's Season Two kickoff, be sure to check out this bonus episode where Tyler is joined by his youngest guest ever, twelve-year-old, Hunter Rodabaugh.

    Hunter Rodabaugh

    Hunter is the son of two Diesel Laptops employees. His mother, Stacy Rodabaugh is the company's IT Manager. One of the longest-tenured employees, she has been with Diesel Laptops since the early days at Tyler's house. 

    Stacy was a special guest on the webinar titled "Tool Time: A Diagnostic Tool Review." For a replay of the webinar, you can see it here on our YouTube channel.

    Hunter's dad is Tim Rodabaugh, the Product Manager for Marine Diagnostic Tools. Tim has written many blogs and stars in all of the Marine Diagnostic Tools videos

    While somewhat interesting, having both of his parents work for the company doesn't even scratch the surface of what makes Hunter a special kid. 

    Hunter Made a Diesel Video Game

    While other kids are content to just play a video game, Hunter Rodabaugh would rather make his own game. This summer, he attended an online coding camp where he gained the skills to create his own video game from scratch. He wrote the code that allows a Diesel Truck to shoot "Diesel Lasers" at trash on the street as it moves towards the Diesel Truck. 

    Check out the game below:

    Please note it may take a few seconds for the game to load. If the game does not load, please click here.

    How to Play

    • A = move back
    • S = move down
    • W = move up
    • D = move forward
    • Spacebar = Shoot Laser
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