Simplify Your Life with Diesel Laptops

The beginning of August is national ‘Simplify Your Life Week’. We have all found ourselves looking for the quickest and most efficient way to accomplish tasks at hand. As a diesel technician, fleet or heavy equipment owner, you know how complex and confusing heavy equipment diagnostics can be.

That’s where Diesel Laptops steps in. With groundbreaking hardware, software, training and support, we help you get diagnostics knocked out fast and easy in only a few steps.

Diesel Truck Diagnostics

Diesel Laptops Complete Laptop Kit covers all aspects of diesel diagnostic on heavy duty trucks. The complete kit covers all ECUs such as engine, transmission, cab, chassis, ABS and more. These tools allow you to effortlessly perform tasks from reading fault codes, to DPF regens, injector programming and everything in between.

Having the right tool is half the battle, but knowing how to use it is arguably the most important half. Diesel Laptops has you covered with our extensive team of US-based Diesel Technicians and IT professionals. If trouble arises give us a call and we can walk you through the repair remotely.

Truck Parts Cross

So you’ve got the repair info, but getting your hands on the right OEM part to make heavy truck repairs can be time consuming and expensive. But often times there are alternative parts – with Truck Parts Cross you can easily find aftermarket parts that are often less expensive. With over 3,200 manufacturers and new truck parts being added weekly you are bound to find the part you need at the touch of a finger. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a free account at:
  • Enter a part number
  • Get instant access to more than 2 million part numbers

Off-Highway Equipment Diagnostics

Yes, you read that right. There are finally tools besides OEM software that let you do dealer level functions on construction, agriculture and heavy machinery brands including CAT, John Deere, Case, JCB, Komatsu and tons more.

When you have a tight schedule or product to move you can’t afford to have machines down. Diesel Laptops’ tools are ideal for cutting down on expensive repairs and long wait times that are commonplace when you are at the mercy of OEMs. Our cutting-edge equipment allows you to read fault codes, repair information, wiring diagrams and even offers unmatched support to walk your technician through the process. Seem too good to be true? Take a look at our off-highway kits for yourself!

Marine & Powersports Diagnostics

You’re probably starting to see that our tools pretty much diagnose anything with a diesel engine. Whether you’re on a dinky personal watercraft or a massive cargo ship one thing remains the same – you want it to run problem free.

We have tools for each application and a team of marine diesel techs on board to for technical support!

Training and Webinars

Trucks are complicated, let us help. We offer in-person and online diesel tech training classes that cover everything from aftertreatment and emissions systems to how to use diagnostic software! Diesel Laptops works with you to keep your techs up to speed on a variety of skills ranging from beginner to advanced. Afterall, the better equipped your team is the smoother operations in your business run.

Simplifying Diesel Diagnostics

You know how complicated and frustrating diesel diagnostics can be, but with Diesel Laptops it doesn’t have to be. We offer a wide range of intuitive products and support so you can do more – without the headache. More diagnostics, more productivity, more revenue, more growth. Click here to simplify commercial truck, heavy machinery, and marine diagnostics.

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