Star-Spangled Spectacular Prize Giveaway

This Independence Day, Diesel Laptops is giving away more than $100,000 in prizes as part of our Star-spangled Spectacular. 

There is no purchase necessary to win. Simply fill out the official entry form on this blog post and select the prizes you'd like to win the most and you will be entered into the prize drawings. Please note that if you win a prize, you will no longer be eligible to win additional prizes in this promotion.

Prize drawings will be held daily beginning Monday, July 6th. Each day will have a grand prize for the day in addition to the daily prizes. The final Grand Prize Drawing will be held on Friday, July 10th. 

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Monday, July 6th

TEXA Dealer Level Bike Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanner Tool

On Monday, July 6th, we will be giving away this amazing diagnostic tablet kit that covers dealer level functionality on all motorcycles, including ones manufactured in the USA, Asia, and Euro bikes. This includes running commands such as idle actuator calibration, resetting self-adapter parameters, injector tests, sensor calibrations, and tens of thousands more.

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Tuesday, July 7th and Wednesday, July 8th (1 per day):

TEXA Dealer Level Marine Marine Diagnostic Tool

Marine customers looking for complete coverage on all known marine engines, look no further than the TEXA Marine Plus Edition laptop Kit from Diesel Laptops. This kit will give you coverage on inboard, outboard, personal watercraft (PWC), diesel engines, and diesel generators. 

We will be giving away one per day on Tuesday, July 7th, and Wednesday, July 8th. 

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Thursday, July 9th

Jaltest Dealer Level Truck and Off-highway Kit

Cojali brings you the best of both commercial truck and off-highway diesel engine diagnostics in this kit. The Jaltest software is easy to use, yet as powerful as dealer level diagnostics. You could win this one on Thursday, July 9th! 

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Friday, July 10th Grand Prize

TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Combo Diagnostic Tool

Our grand prize drawing will be held on Friday, July 10th. One lucky winner will receive one free TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Combo Diagnostic Tool. 

If you work on trucks and off-highway equipment, this amazing tool offers the best of both worlds! This combination tool will allow you properly diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair virtually anything that has a diesel engine in it.

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Diesel Laptops Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Laptop Kit (4 per day)

Beginning Monday, July 6th, you could win one of twenty Diesel Laptops Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Laptop Kits up for grabs. Please note, that this is a legacy kit that is no longer offered by Diesel Laptops. It will include the older CF-30 Laptop, not a CF-31. To read learn more about the latest version of this kit, please see our listing. 

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Diesel Laptops Tough Case (4 per day)

We will also be giving away twenty Diesel Laptops Tough Cases. The Diesel Laptops Tough Case is the perfect complement to any of our Dealer Level Diagnostic Kits. This IPX7 certified water-resistant case features a high-density foam insert that has been custom cut to fit every component from our complete kits.

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DTC Solutions Software (1 per day)

There are tons of ways to get repair information for commercial trucks and components, but very few ways to get repair information for those codes. This program contains repair information that you can't live without! Now is your chance to win one of five free copies. 

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DTC Solutions Off-Highway Edition (1 per day)

The world’s first, and only, repair information for off-highway equipment, DTC Solutions Off-Highway Edition, will be given away to five lucky winners. 

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Labor Time Guide (1 per day)

Labor time guide software from Diesel Laptops allows you to look up labor times for all of your class 8 commercial trucks, engines, and transmissions. The software will also allow you to create professional-looking estimates that include your shop information and company logo. One of five copies could be yours!

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This contest has ended

This contest has ended. Thanks to all those who entered. Congratulations to our winners! Please check back again for future contests.


If you have any questions about this contest, please call us at 888-983-1975.

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Bobbi walrod-campagna - July 14, 2020

Did I win

Rose Lyons Galloway - July 13, 2020


nat - July 13, 2020

Great gift to give to my son

Aaron Smith - July 13, 2020

Super excited for this opportunity! Thank you

Dave - July 13, 2020

Thank you for the chance to improve my business

Juan GUtierrez - July 13, 2020

Awesome prize giveaway!

Chad Carnes - July 13, 2020

Great products! Thanks for a chance to try something different

Dave - July 13, 2020

The laptop has been a great investment to my business would be great to add more to that!! Thanks for chance to possibly win in the giveaway.

RIchard - July 13, 2020

Would be a great addition to our shop

Carl Buck - July 13, 2020

Great products !

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