Technology Changes & Impact - The DL S2E45

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In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, does things a little bit different and goes solo to share insight on technology changes and the impact in the heavy duty industry. Tyler explains three components of Diesel Laptops, which are diagnostics, truck parts, and vehicle repair info, using them to show us where the company is going and what he sees changing in the future industry wide.

As Tyler leads us through his valuable insights on where the industry is going, we can follow along with the slides that are presented to learn about technological changes that are coming or that have happened, eCommerce, recent acquisitions, etc. Tyler explains the difference between reactive and proactive repair models, as well as how the proactive model provides value to customers when the data that comes off the vehicle allows for remote diagnosis and parts to be pre-sourced. New technological changes enable proactiveness and ultimately means less downtime, cost savings, and quicker turnaround to keep trucks on the road.

At Diesel Laptops, we have the ability to perform an inventory analysis for fleets and retailers which can help to identify frozen or duplicate inventory, assist with finding ways to save on purchasing, and so much more. Our Diesel Parts platform plays a vital role in proactive maintenance and repair by allowing for cross referencing, connecting the repair technician directly to the part that is needed to get the job done, is imbedded in our diagnostic tools, in addition to other benefits. Tyler elaborates on this and how it is part of the ever-changing industry.

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