• TEXA IDC5 Off-Highway Version 22 [Full List Of Updates]

    TEXA is starting the year off strong with a hefty update to their IDC5 off highway software. On Version 22 of the software were pleased to see great additions to the makes & models included, as well as updated functionality and improved user-friendliness. This software can be found on Diesel Laptops Dealer Level Diagnostic kits.

    For a full list of manufacturers covered by TEXA, please see our website listing.

    TEXA Truck Kit

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    “The work TEXA’s developers carried out on agricultural vehicles, forklifts, telehandlers and special vehicles guarantees all mechanics the opportunity to use diagnostic tools that are always updated and state-of-the-art, to operate successfully on the vast majority of vehicles.”

    Here are a few of the updates our team is most excited to include on our Diesel Laptops OHW Kit:

    • Kubota engine:
      • The “Denso ECU engine Control Unit” Diesel injection system has been updated
      • The “VCU Vehicle Control Unit” gateway system has been updated for the model M7000 Series
    • Bobcat Construction equipment:
      • All the diagnostic sysems in the model Skid Steer Series S & T have been updated
      • The “(ACD) Attachment Control Device” Special equipment system has been updated
    • Caterpillar updates
      • The following adjustments have been updated for the “vehicle hydraulics management”
        • Calibration: lift lever
        • Calibration: tilt lever
        • Calibration: implement raise valve 1
        • Calibration: implement lower valve 1
        • Calibration: third function lever rearward valve
        • Calibration: third function lever forward valve
        • Calibration: break/decelerator pedal
      • New holland construction update
        • The “automatic transmission”, “traction control”, “multifunction display”, “Diesel injection”, “engine-vehicle adjustment”, “search for installed systems”, “SCR/DPF aftertreatment system”, “Instrumentation” and “indicator and control unit” systems have been developed for the following new models:
          • Loader W series
          • Dozer DC & D series
          • Excavator E series
          • Skid Steer 300 series
          • Skid steer 200 series
          • Grader F series
          • Backhoe B series
          • Backhoes U80C
        • Volvo loader transmission calibrations
          • The “transmission calibration” adjustment has been developed for the models Loader 11 t – 56tTier 4 Final and compact Loader 5.5 t – 9.5 t Tier 4 Final

    For a full list of updates to agricultural, construction, forklifts & telehandlers click here.

    New TEXA OHW Functionality 

    ISOBUS Button

    Under the “Agricultural” module there is a new “ISOBUS” button which allows performing a scan on equipment that support the ISOBUS protocol.


    “Operator Entry” Function

    This allows configuring the IDC5 software with various diagnostic technicians and collecting the data separately for each operator.

    The collected data can be viewed by customers in the Diagnosis Report section in their “myTEXA” web page.

    To enable the “operator entry” function, simply enter the diagnostic technician’s name in the tool configuration screen.

    Operator Entry Function TEXA

    SMART Mode

    This new option on the VCI connection mode allows the software to choose the most suitable mode based on the signal quality, type of diagnosis and other factors.

    SMART mode TEXA IDC5

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