• TEXA IDC5 Truck 49.2.0 Update

    TEXA’s groundbreaking software application, IDC5 has just been updated to version 49.2.0. Thanks to major improvements in code, the new system is faster than ever, guarantees virtually instant communication with a vehicle’s control units, has greater coverage and fully integrates Diesel Laptops Diagnostic Kits.

    Desktop Launcher Integration

    For Diesel Laptops Customers, the Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher can now be accessed at any time directly within TEXA’s IDC5 Software by clicking on the Diesel Laptops button on the lefthand column of the user interface. This feature had previously been exclusive to the Truck and Off-highway Combo Diagnostic Tool but is now included with the Dealer Level Truck Kit as well.

    To learn more about the Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher, watch the video below.

    Enhanced Coverage

    TEXA IDC5 Truck software has now been updated to include greater coverage for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, International, Isuzu, Kenworth, and Mercedes-Benz engines.

    The 49.2.0 update also adds ABS and Automatic Transmission wiring diagrams and Technical Bulletins for several manufacturers. 

    For a full list of manufacturers covered by TEXA, please see our website listing.

    TEXA Truck Kit

    See Full Coverage

    TEXA 49.2.0 Update Chart

    For a full list of all additions included in the 49.2.0 update, see the chart below.

    TRUCK 49.2.0
    Kodiak 8.1 Gasoline engines and 7.8 Diesel engines have been added.
    RAM Fourth Generation: "Cummins [--/13>]" diesel injection system has been updated.
    F Series Super Duty the following systems have been updated:
    • ABS Bendix-Knorr.
    • TCM Transmission Control Module.
    • (BCM) Body Computer 1.
    • (BCM) Body Computer 2.
    • (FCIM) Front Control Interface Module.
    • (RBM) Running Board control Module.
    • (SCCM) Steering Column Control Module.
    • (SCMH) Passenger side seat control unit.
    • (SECM) Steering effort control module.
    • (TCCM) Transfer Case Control Module.
    • (TRM) Trailer Module.

    F650 and F750 models with PowerStroke engines have been added.

    Detroit - MBE Engine management EPA 07/10/13: the “Idle Elevation” setting has been added; Cummins EPA 07/10/13: the "Gear down protection - Enable/Disable" setting has been added.
    MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2010 - 2012), MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2013 -) and N9/N10 SCR (2014 –) engines: new settings have been added.

    The cylinder cut-out test for the Navistar engine has been improved.

    ISUZU (North America)
    F Series M.Y 2020/2021 and N Series M.Y 2020/2021 the following systems have been updated:
    • "Isuzu TCM" transmission system.
    • "Isuzu" diesel injection system.
    Paccar PCI System EPA 10/13 has been updated.
    Sprinter (907/910) the following systems have been updated:
    • Front passenger side door;
    • Driver door;
    • (RFK) Rearview camera;
    • (SAM) Control signal recognizing module.

    Sprinter 2500-3500:
    • ABS
    • Automatic transmission
    Sprinter 2500-3500:
    • ABS
    • Automatic transmission
    Sprinter 2500-3500:
    • ABS
    • Automatic transmission

    Bendix multifunction camera FLC20 system.
    Bendix multifunction camera FLC20 system (Mack IV+ Generation with OBD II 16 PIN connector).
    Bendix multifunction camera FLC20 system.

    TEXA updates IDC5 several times per year. For future updates, please bookmark the blog and check back often.

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