• TEXA Navigator TXT Multihub

    TEXA has been a leading company in the design, industrialization, and manufacturing of multi-brand diagnostic tools for years and one of the things that keeps them at the forefront of the industry is the fact that they never just sit idle. TEXA is always working on improving their products, responding to customer feedback, and figuring out where diagnostic tools need to go in the future.

    TEXA’s latest release, the TXT Multihub, embodies all of these points.

    Built to deliver guaranteed performance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, agriculture and construction vehicles in every environment, the TXT Multihub combines heavy-duty durability with a user-friendly design and interface that makes it easier than every to connect anywhere, get the diagnostic information you need, and get back on the road.

    Under the IP53-certified case, the TXT Multihub is RP1210 compliant, which means it works with OEM software AND Diesel Laptops’ proprietary Diesel Explorer. The TXT Multihub is also compliant with SAE J2534-1 & J2534-2 for pass-through with automotive software programming.

    Future-proofed with ethernet connectivity and DoIP (ISO 13400), the TXT Multihub features a Linux operating system complete with improved security and efficiency from Smart Mode. In the shop, this makes it easier to automatically switch channels and protocols, instead of making multiple manual selections.

    The usability is topped off with a backlit LED display that lets users view information based on three (3) types of messages:

    1. Communication mode with the display unit
    2. Charging voltage of the battery in the connected vehicle
    3. Operating status, including standard diagnosis, DoIP WiFi, DoIP Ethernet, and Pass-Thru

    All of our Dealer-Level Texa kits are equipped with the new Multihub - go check them out today!

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