• TEXA Truck IDC5 Update 51.0

    TEXA recently released one of their larger updates to the Commercial Truck module of their IDC5 Diagnostics Software. In Version 51.0 you can expect to see added features including TGS3s Dashboards, logistical groups in the adjustments page, a specific button for external tools, an Operator Entry function, SMART mode, and myTEXA – diagnostic Reports Service.

    This software can be found on Diesel Laptops Dealer Level Diagnostic Kits.

    To view a full list of TEXA IDC5 version 51.0 updates, click here

    For a full list of manufacturers covered by TEXA, please see our website listing.

     TEXA Truck Laptop

    Major Software Updates

    TGS3s Dashboards

    Two new types of dashboards have been implemented:

    • The first indicates how the control units are connected with each other
    • The second indicates their position in the vehicle.

    They can be viewed from the TGS3s system scan and allow launching the Diagnosis directly by selecting the systems that show any errors.

    Our team was excited to see the system scan’s display showing the location of control units, see below:

    TEXA IDC5 version 51

     myTEXA – Diagostic Reports Service

    Inside myTEXA portal a new section has been added called “Diagnostic Reports.” This allows you to access useful information about the diagnoses carried out by the different diagnostic tools. For example; scans grouped by make or adjustments by system. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see from the portal:

     myTEXA Reports

    They myTEXA portal can be accessed by opening the IDC5 software on your Diesel Laptops Diagnostic Kit

     myTEXA portal

    Major Coverage Updates

    In this update there were huge improvements to the coverage and diagnostic functionality on the makes and models of trucks included. Some of the most notable were:

    • ADAS updates
      • Freightliner: The ADAS “VRDU Driving assistance system” has been updated for the model Detroit Diesel - Mercedes Benz.
      • Freightliner: The ADAS “(MPC) Multi-Purpose Camera” has been updated for the model Detroit Diesel - Mercedes Benz.
      • Mitsubishi Fuso: The ADAS “RDF Front radar sensor” has been updated for the models: 4P10 EPA 04/07; 4P10 EPA 10/13.
    • Mack/Volvo SCR Inducement resets
    • GMC: The new models W Series 6.0 Gasoline [2017], [2018] and [2019] have been developed with the following systems: ABS; Automatic transmission; Petrol Injection; Powertrain System.

    Technical Support

    As always, Diesel Laptops is dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their diagnostic tools. Our Technical Support Team is available to answer any questions regarding this update. They can be reached at 1-888-545-0498, option 2.

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