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    The DL - Episode 13 - Diesel Forward is now available on Apple Podcasts,SoundCloud and YouTube.

    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Houman “HK” Kashanipour, the President of Diesel Forward and Alliant Power. Topics of conversation for this episode include a brief overview of Alliant Power, their dedication to quality, their network of dealers and strategic partnerships.

    What is Alliant Power?

    Diesel Forward is the parent company for Alliant Power. Alliant Power is a product line that helps Diesel Forward complete the diesel offerings for their network and customers. 

    “When there’s not a solution, Alliant Power brings out high-quality products for the aftermarket.” - HK

    It was started in the early 2000s when there was no market solution for Ford Powerstroke products with Huei Injectors. The company has now grown into the heavy-duty market with more than 550 SKUs of aftermarket new and remanufactured diesel fuel injection and engine components for medium and heavy-duty engines.

    Alliant Power products include:

    • Engine components and accessories
    • Fuel system components
    • Electronics
    • Turbochargers
    • Repair kits
    • Exhaust gas aftertreatment
    • Fuel treatments

    Alliant Power puts Quality First

    Though the Alliant Power brand offers aftermarket solutions, according to HK, their goal is not to be the lowest cost. Instead, they make high-quality products that come with a twenty-four-month warranty for a fair price. 

    To ensure high quality, they have dyno capabilities to test the products. They have a strict quality sytem and they are also ISO certified. They also do some vehicle testing to ensure quality.

    Alliant Power has a Large Network for Dealers.

    Alliant Power has an ever-expanding international network of more than 500 service dealers and central distributors that make sure all of their customers get the parts they need as quickly as possible. To aid in this effort, they have one warehouse in each time zone, strategically placed for maximum availability.

    Solid Strategic Partnerships

    During a recent business system changeover, HK learned a few lessons that shares with Tyler. The first is that you must know your process and document it on paper before you try to change systems.

    The second lesson he learned is that you must “pick a good partner who understands your business and your processes. A computer system is not going to create your business processes. You have to know your business processes first before you go through the implementation.”

    On the subject of business partners, HK moves on to discuss in further detail his philosophy for choosing business partners. As he sees it, his company’s job is not just to sell a part. His job is to make sure the dealers are as strong as they can be. 

    “As long as we’re helping customers solve problems, we’re growing businesses.” - HK

    Be sure to listen to the full episode on YouTube, Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud to get the full story.

    Contact Diesel Forward

    To get in touch with Diesel Forward, please visit their contact page, by clicking the link below:

    Contact Diesel Forward

    To locate a dealer, please visit their Dealer Locator page, by clicking the link below:

    Locate a Dealer

    Want to learn more about Diesel Forward or Alliant Power? Visit their website, www.dieselforward.com

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