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    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Allen Morgan, the Product Manager for Diesel Wiring. Allen oversees wiring diagram creation for all Diesel Laptops software including Diesel Wiring, DTC Solutions, DTC Solutions Off-highway, Knowledgebase, TruckFaultCodes.com, and more. 

    Allen started with Diesel Laptops in August 2017 in the warehouse, where he helped fix broken laptops and assist with shipping orders. Not long after he moved to the production department, installing software on kits. In January of 2018, Allen was approached by Tyler to see if he’d be interested in taking on a new project, creating wiring diagrams. The only slight problem was that Allen didn’t know anything about wiring diagrams. 

    “I don’t know anything about that, but I’ll figure it out.” - Allen Morgan.

    Luckily for Allen, he had help from Dustin Carnes, the Diesel Laptops Training Manger. Early on, he worked with Dustin to get a better understanding of diesel wiring diagrams and eventually “figured it out.” 

    Spending $80k/month to create Free Diagrams

    Once he got the hang of it, Allen hired two full-time employees devoted to creating wiring diagrams. Before long, Allen had one of the largest departments in the company, employing more than thirty-five people, many of which are electrical engineers. 

    Factoring in payroll and expenses, in 2019 it was determined that Diesel Laptops was spending more than $80,000 per month to create wiring diagrams that were being given away for free as part of Knowledgebase and DTC Solutions. 

    In April of 2020, DieselWiring.com was launched as a stand-alone website and mobile app which opened up the platform, making these wiring diagrams available to anyone, not just users of DTC Solutions and Knowledgebase.

    Dieselwiring.com offers a free plan that allows users two free lookups per month. There is also a paid membership tier that offers unlimited lookups per month. The unlimited plans are available either with a month-month payment option or an annual subscription. You can sign up for a free account here. 

    Not all Wiring Diagrams are created equally

    Every OEM approaches wiring diagrams differently which means there is little standardization across the industry. With Diesel Wiring, all wiring diagrams, regardless of OEM, have standardized symbols and color codes. Whether you are working on a Detroit Engine or a Mack Chassis, you will be able to read either just as easily.

    For more on understanding Diesel Wiring Diagrams, please see the video below. 

    The Importance of Component Locators

    Simply put, a component locator is a picture showing where various sensors are located on each side of an engine. Without component locators, technicians can waste a significant amount of time looking for sensors. 

    “A lot of guys start with the fault code when they’re fixing trucks and they know what it is, so they’ll go buy it and then they literally hold it up to the engine and they walk around the engine with a flashlight looking for where that sensor is supposed to be on it.” - Tyler Robertson

    In order to help technicians fix their trucks much more efficiently, Allen’s team has been creating color-coded component locators to help bring diesel wiring to the next level. 

    More information

    If you have any questions about the Diesel Wiring platform, including the Diesel Wiring mobile app, online application or the availability of wiring diagrams, please email all inquiries to wiring@diesellaptops.com 

    Download the Mobile App

    To download the mobile app, click the appropriate app store link below. 

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