The DL - Season 2, Episode 29 - “Marketing at Diesel Laptops”

The DL - Season 2, Episode 29 - “Marketing at Diesel Laptops” is now available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube.



In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Leah Condell, the Marketing Manager at Diesel Laptops, to discuss marketing at Diesel Laptops, taking risks to try new things, and what is in store for Leah’s future as she departs from Diesel Laptops and goes to work for Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors as an Advisor & Marketing Director.

Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors specialize in commercial insurance and offer personal lines as well. Learn more about Safe Harbor Insurance Advisors on their website - https://safeharborinsuranceadvisors.com

Follow Leah on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-condell-84a47b9/
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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is a Marketing Specialist for Diesel Laptops where diagnostics are done right. He has a degree in Politics from Coastal Carolina University and uses diplomacy every day. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with his dog, Buster.

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