The DL Season 2, Episode 15 - Rhino Medical Supply

The DL - Season 2, Episode 15 - “Rhino Medical Supply” is now available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and YouTube

In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Lance Brown, MBA, CEO, and President of Rhino Medical Supply Inc to discuss one of Tyler’s all-time-favorite subjects: entrepreneurship. 

The Hookah Spot

Up until 2013, Lance Brown considered himself an extremely risk-averse person. He had a steady job working for Wells Fargo. Then one day a college friend texted him with an opportunity to join her in a Hookah business. Without knowing the first thing about Hookah, he jumped at the opportunity. 

“I literally knew nothing about hookah. My friend that I went to college with at USC… texted me and she said ‘hey, I want to start a hookah lounge in Columbia, can you help me find a spot?’ and I text back like “I want in.’” - Lance Brown

Without knowing anything about Hookah, Lance opened The Hookah Spot in the Five Points area of Columbia, SC on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2013. That day there were more than 30,000 people in Five Points celebrating the festivities, bringing in plenty of foot traffic that helped kick start the business’s success from day one. Lance became full owner of The Hookah Spot in 2015. 

Swype Fast

In 2017 Lance took a leap of faith and left his full-time job at Wells Fargo to start a new company called Swype Fast. He admits it was very scary to leave the security of his full-time job to start his own company. 

“December 1st I left Wells Fargo and that was scary. [We] literally didn't know anything. We didn't have a business card picked out.” - Lance Brown

Today, Swype Fast helps customers eliminate up to 99% of their credit card processing fees, quickly acquire financing (from thousands to millions), secure insurance products, and take advantage of other valuable services created and managed by respected bankcard industry experts. 

Rhino Medical Supply

In 2020 when COVID hit, a friend of Lance’s in the housing market reallocated his resources and started a PPE company. A disagreement in the commission structure lead to Lance opening Rhino Medical Supply. 

Rhino Medical Supply’s focused mission “is to provide the highest quality PPE to healthcare professionals charged with the responsibility of caring for the physical and emotional health of the citizens and communities they serve.”

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