The DL - Season 2, Episode 23 - Clickcease

The DL - Season 2, Episode 23 - “Clickcease” is now available on Apple PodcastsSoundCloud and YouTube

In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Clickceae Co-Founder, Ilan Missulawin.

In this episode, they discuss how Clickcease saved Diesel Laptops more than $40,000 in pay-per-click advertising by reducing clicks from bots and competitors.

Why use Clickcease?

According to Ilan, bots make up almost 60% of all internet traffic! With 1 in every 5 ad clicks coming from bots, competitors, accidental clicks, brand haters, and click farms, your business is money by not blocking these sources. 

Clickcease automatically sends fraudulent IPs to Google in real-time making sure bots, competitors or any harmful sources do not get the opportunity to click on your ads. 

Learn more

Learn more about Clickcease at their website: https://www.clickcease.com/


Connect with Ilan Missulawin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/missulawin/

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