• Texas Media Foundry - The DL Season 2 Episode 7

    The DL - Season 2, Episode 7 - “Texas Media Foundry” is now available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and YouTube

    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by James “Tex” Crowley, the founder of Texas Media Foundry, a video production company located in Bryan, Texas. 

    With more than twenty years in the trucking industry working a variety of jobs including being a driver, dispatcher, and dockhand, Tex knows the industry well. For the past 15 years, he has been an avid, self-taught videographer. He eventually combined his two passions and formed Texas Media Foundry.

    “I've done it uh so I understand it and playing with cameras the last 10-15 years has allowed me to kind of marry what I like doing.” - James "Tex" Crowley

    From Dash Cam to Video Production Company

    Before Texas Media Foundry took off, Tex began combining trucking and videography by mounting his video camera on his dashboard and videotaping interesting situations, such as pulling a 53-foot trailer into a tight alley for a delivery. 

    “I would say 2005, 2006, somewhere in that neighborhood, I started playing with a camera and just enjoyed doing it. One day I decided I'm going to take the camera from the house (I'm not going to tell my wife I'm going to take the camera from the house) and put it on the dash of the truck - almost like the original dash cam.” - James "Tex" Crowley

    He would share his videos with friends and family and after YouTube took off, he began posting there and built a following, and over the years he refined his craft, mostly by watching YouTube tutorials, proudly stating he “went to YouTube University.”

    Tex eventually partnered with his friend Sam Smith (spoiler alert: his friend is not the famous singer) who has a drone license. Together they produce real estate videos, commercial projects, and more for local businesses. 

    Why Use a Video Production Company?

    Using a production company for videography boils down to time and cost savings. 

    “The main thing that we sell is time. You're running a business.... you don't have time to hire somebody for $35,000 a year to run this stuff but you can hire these guys out of Texas for three days to capture everything and anything that you want, and, you know, drip it out the rest of the year for much less than that particular hire.” - James “Tex” Crowley

    Tyler also believes that video is an absolutely crucial component to marketing, attributing part of the growing success of Diesel Laptops to the use of video on social media.

    “The way we grew was through online marketing and video is a huge, huge, huge part of that. I cannot underestimate enough how big it is. I can tell you this: our company is nowhere near where we're at without those seven million YouTube video views." - Tyler Robertson

    Tyler also believes that any company, big or small, can benefit from well-crafted videos that tell a story about the company. 

    “If you're a small business or you're a big business you need to get on board with it. It really tells a story of who you are as a company and why you're doing the things you do and those are the important things to get across in any video.” - Tyler Robertson

    Connect with Texas Media Foundry

      Website - thetexasmediafoundry.com

      Texas Media Foundry on Twitter

      Texas Media Foundry on Facebook

      James "Tex" Crowley on LinkedIn

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