Thermo King TriPac Evolution Diagnostic Tool

The Thermo King Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is perhaps one of the most common generators you will find on today’s commercial trucks. APU’s are truck-mounted generators that allow drivers to run electrical components, along with their heating & air conditioning system instead of running their engine.

While they do use diesel fuel, they have substantial advantaged overs running your main truck engine. This includes the fact they are much quieter, they also use less fuel. The TriPac Evolutions is the current model from Thermo King and only requires maintenance every 2,000 hours. You can learn more about this technology on the Thermo King APU website.

Quite often we are asked about diagnostic tools for the APUs. The good news is there is a solution, and the better news is that it is absolutely free! The software is called Thermo King Evolution Service Tool, and it also requires no special cable. You just need a USB to Mini-B USB cable, which is in stock at virtually any retailer you can buy one right off Amazon. If you want the genuine Thermo King cable, you can call your local Thermo King dealer and buy part number 204-2000.

The Thermo King Evolution Service Tool for APU’s does require Windows 10.

The Thermo King software will allow you to perform functions such as:

  • Setup and run-in of new units after installation
  • View and clear fault codes and alarms
  • View real-time diagnostic information
  • Perform software updates
  • Perform test and commands on the API
  • Download data logs
  • Perform system restarts

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Tyler Robertson

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DENNIS LEE KEEZER - February 11, 2021

What would the password be for the “tools password”. Most people just default to 0000 or 1111 but that doesn’t seem to work with mine. Does this mean that I have to spend a fortune to take it to thermoking to have the password reset or is there a trick to this?

Brian K Davis - February 11, 2021

I have a TK Evolution with a HMI no power issue. I down loaded your program and it connects then losses comm to the unit. Whats up with That I am running windows 10 ….can you help

Dewayne - February 11, 2021

Will this software work with thermo king spectrum SB? Thanks

Vasyl - February 11, 2021

Good tools

James Smith - November 23, 2020

Great tool

STephan FAucher - November 23, 2020


Dan - October 7, 2020

The Thermo King Evolution Service Tool is very helpful but do you also have the datalogger conversion utility software that converts the Thermo King Evolution data log downloads to CSV format? The service manual calls it “TriPac 2 DLBin2Csv_GUI.exe”

Jason - September 21, 2020

I’ve been searching for a site that helps with these units for along time . Glad to see someone who cares thanks

Joel Powell - August 31, 2020

I have spoken to the sales staff before about software for a diesel engine.They were very knowledgeable about the problems that i faced’

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