• AutoEnginuity ProLine and European Bundle

    AutoEnginuity ProLine and European Bundle


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    The AutoEnginuity SP02 ProLine and European Bundle has virtually every product that AutoEnginuity covers.

    About the AutoEnginuity ProLine and European Bundle

    Enjoy dealer level bi-directional control and testing on the following manufacturers:

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    Ford Family

    • PATS Timed Key Programming ('96 - '08)
    • KOEO
    • KOER
    • Power Balance (CAN-based models)
    • EVAP Bay Test
    • Service Bleed (Non-CAN support not available with ProLine currently)
    • Buzz Injector
    • Cylinder Contribution Test
    • Switch Test
    • Glow Plug Test
    • System Self-Test
    • Low - and High-Speed Fan
    • All Outputs On/Off
    • Injector Coding (1.8L and 2.0L)
    • KAM Reset
    • Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction
    • Tire Size Programming up to 40" ('99-'03 7.3L, and '04-'07 6.0L trucks)
    • IVD Initialization
    • Steering Angle / Yaw Rate / Acceleration Sensor Reset ('03 Explorer and Lincoln LS)
    • Passenger Seat ReZero and Passenger Weight Reset
    • Power Seat Calibration Test
    • Audio Network Communication Test
    • Vehicle In-Motion IO Test
    • Front Wiper Self-Test
    • Rear Wiper Self-Test
    • Diesel Particulate Filter Reset, Clear EGR Adaptive Tables, and Clear Fuel Injector Adaptive Tables

    GM Family

    • ABS Automated Bleed Routine
    • Crank Variation Learn
    • Injector Flow Rate Programming (CAN-based Diesels)
    • Key Fob Programming
    • SDM Setup and Part Number Programming
    • Idle Learn
    • TDC Learn
    • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Programming


    • Air Bleed -- Usual and Master Stroke (ABS)
    • ECB Utility -- ECB Invalid, Zero Down, and Linear Valve Offset Calibration (ABS)
    • Signal Check (Airbag, ABS, ABS CAN, EFI CAN, EHPS, EMPS, and TPWS)
    • Reset Memory (EFI, EFI CAN, ABS, ABS CAN)
    • Clear Records (EMPS and VGRS)
    • Zero Point Init (EMPS)
    • Sensitivity Check (OCC)
    • Inspection Mode (ABS CAN)
    • Test Mode -- Zero Calibration (ABS, ABS CAN, TPWS, and OCC)
    • TPWS CAN Tire Registration
    • VIN programming

    Chrysler & Dodge Family

    • EGR System Test
    • EVAP System Monitor Service Test
    • Erase All DTC Fault Codes
    • Generate Full Field Test
    • Gov & 3-4 Shift Valve Test - JTEC Only
    • Leak Detect Pump Test
    • Purge Vapors Test
    • Reset All Adaptive Memory Fuel Cells
    • Reset All Non-Volatile Memory
    • Reset CAM/Crank Misalignment
    • Reset CAM, Crank, and Sync Status Record
    • Reset Duty Cycle Monitor
    • Reset Engine Running Time Record
    • Reset Fuel Shut-off Record
    • Reset Intake Airflow Control Stepper Motor Position
    • Reset Trip Information
    • Set Sync Signal - JTEC Only
    • Set Minimum Throttle Position to Maximum
    • Torque Converter Clutch Test - JTEC Only
    • ABS Bleed Brakes (EBC325, Mk20e, and Mk25e)
    • Tire Size Programming
    • Transmission Rear/Front Wheel Brake Torque Test
    • Transmission Pump Test
    • Transmission Quick Learn
    • Transmission TCC Break-In Test
    • Transmission Front Wheel Pinion Factor
    • Injector Kill Test
    • NVLD Force Monitor Test
    • Purge Vapor Tests
    • Reset all On-Board Control Units
    • Report Part Number
    • Report Reflash Program Counter
    • ABS Brake Bleed
    • ABS Initialize ECU
    • Auto Door Locks
    • Beltminder
    • Cylinder Performance Test
    • Current VIN Programming
    • CAM and Crank Relearn
    • DRL Setup Configuration
    • EATX Quick Learn
    • Engine on Odometer
    • IMA Programming Injectors
    • Injector Quantity Adjustment
    • Module Configuration Setup
    • Retrieve Installed Module VINs
    • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Programming
    • Tire Pressure Trigger Configuration
    • Tire Pressure Calibration
    • Tire Size Programming


    • ATF Replacement
    • Diagnosis of Keyless Entry function
    • Engine Oil Replacement
    • Keyless Entry Registration
    • Mission Replacement
    • Passcode Clear
    • Reset of driver side window position
    • Reset of assistant side window position
    • Reset of left rear side window position
    • Reset of right rear side window position
    • Self-Diagnostics
    • ADS Damper Forced Operation
    • ADS Jack-Up Stroke Calibration
    • ATTS Lateral G and Yaw Rate Calibration
    • ATTS Steering Angle Calibration
    • Calibrates All Sensor (ABS Type 1 & 4)
    • Crank Position Sensor Notch Learn
    • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Reset
    • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Status
    • Engine Oil Replacement Reset
    • OPDS Initialization
    • OPDS Sensor Adjustment
    • Reset Wheel Speed Pulse Counters (ABS Type 1 & 4)
    • Resolver Zero-Position Offset Calibration
    • SWS Initialization

    Nissan & Infiniti

    • Self-Diagnostic (Airbag)
    • ECU Part Number (Airbag)
    • Diagnostics Record (Airbag)
    • Reset ECU (Powertrain)
    • Target Idle Ignition Adjustment
    • Target Idle RPM Adjustment
    • Idle Air Volume Learn
    • Self-Learning Control
    • Door Lock Unlock Set
    • Anti-Lock Out Set
    • Set IL Door Unlock
    • Room Lamp off Time Set
    • Room Lamp on Time Set
    • Keyless Entry Horn Chirp Set
    • Keyless Entry Hazard Lamp Set
    • Keyless Entry Multi-Answer Back Set
    • Keyless Entry Auto Lock Set
    • Keyless Entry Panic Alarm Set
    • Keyless Entry Trunk Open Set
    • Keyless Entry Power Window Down Set
    • Head Lamp Battery Saver Set
    • Head Lamp Custom Light Setting
    • Head Lamp Illumination Delay Set
    • Wiper Speed Setting
    • Security Alarm Set
    • Theft Alarm Trigger Erase


    • IVD Initialization (Lateral Acceleration and Yaw Rate Reset)
    • Self-Test (RCM and GEM)
    • As Built (CAN-based body controllers)
    • EPS Steering Calibration
    • IVD Initialization
    • KOEO
    • KOER
    • KAM Reset (CAN-based controllers)
    • Passenger Weight ReZero
    • SWS Calibration 


    • EVAP Leak Test (Siemens 655 [Rev 17, 18, 19], 670 [Rev 8], Bosch COM 1.1)
    • Reset Adaptions
    • PODS Reset
    • WCS Reset
    • Read Block Information
    • Steering Angle Calibration (ABS/ES 95660 [Rev 23 and 32])


    • Set Mode Steering Angle Sensor
    • Lateral and Longitudinal G Sensor Zero Point
    • Retard Ignition
    • Idle RPM Adjustments (with AC and without AC)


    • ECU Information (All CAN controllers)
    • EVAP Leak Test (MFI CAN)
    • EVAP Leak Monitor (MFI E200, E400, E500, E600, 1400, and 1600 Series)
    • Gas Emissions Test Mode and Sensitivity Check (ABS CAN)
    • Reset Learned Values (MFI CAN)
    • Zero Calibration (Some OCM CAN)
    • SAS Initialization (SAS CAN)
    • Steering Angle Initialization and Operation Test (ACD CAN)
    • Air Bleed and Lateral G Sensor Initialization (ACD CAN)
    • Service Interval Reset (Meter CAN)
    • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Check (TPMS CAN (Front Only)) 


    • Our enhanced Isuzu interface supports hundreds of sensors selected from the engine, transmission, airbag, and ABS systems

    Audi and VW

    • Adaptation
    • ADC Channels
    • Basic Settings
    • Coding II/Login (7-digit PIN/SKC Not Supported)
    • Gateway List (CAN)
    • Login
    • Module Information
    • Module Recoding
    • Long Coding
    • Soft Coding
    • Module Sensor Mapping
    • Network Test
    • Output Tests (Automatic and Specific)
    • Optical Bus Diagnostics (CAN)
    • SRI Reset
    • Transport Active/Inactive Mode (CAN)


    • Determine All Systems Present and Operating
    • Display Service and Inspection Information
    • Display Coding Information
    • Self-Test (Safety and Information)
    • Steering Angle Adjust (MK20, MK60, DSC 8, EBC 4, DSC 60PP, DSC Premium [E46, E9x, E8x, E6x, MINI all models])
    • Lateral Acceleration and Pressure Adjust (MK20, MK60, DSC 60PP, DSC Premium [E46 non-M models, E8x, E9x, E6x, and MINI])
    • ABS Bleed (MK60 [on E46 '03+, E85/E86, and MINI models])
    • Reset Airbag Light
    • Reset Conditional Based Service (E and F Chassis)
    • Reset Oil Service Light (for all 9/2000+ models)
    • Reset Service Interval Distance and Time (for all 9/2000+ models)
    • Register Replacement Battery BMW (E6x/E8x/E9x/Fxx)
    • Register Replacement Battery MINI (R55/R56/R57/R60)
    • Reset DME, EGS, and RLS Adaptations
    • Reset EGS Oil Life Counter (6HP, 6HPTU, GM5, and GM6 units)
    • Reset VTG Oil Change
    • Clear and Set Transport and Sleep Modes
    • Window Initialization (E8x/E9x/E60/E61)
    • Driver and Passenger Seat Normalization (Fx0)
    • Switch on Compressor Break-in Protection (E60/E61)
    • Teach in Clutch Slipping, Teach in Clutch Characteristic Curve, Teach Clutch Values, and Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Offset (SMG II)
    • DDE 5.0 M47 / M57 diesel special function support:
      • Air Mass Flow Calibration
      • Reset Quantity Mean Value Adaptation
      • Reset EGR Calibration to Zero
      • Reset Injection Rate Reset Calibration to 100 Percent
      • Reset Consumption Calculation Reset to Calibration to Neutral
      • Request Particulate Filter Regeneration and Replace of Particulate Filter
    • DDE 6.0 N57 and DDE 7.0 N57 / N47 diesel special function support:
      • Reset Hot Air Film Mass Sensor
      • Reset Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor before Turbocharger
      • Reset EGR Valve
      • Reset Rail Pressure Regulating Valve Adaptation
      • Reset Radiator Shutter Variant
      • Reset Electric Fuel Pump Adaptations
      • Reset EGR Valve Adaptations


    • Display Adaptation Values (DME 2.0)
    • Display ECU Information
    • Reporting Status Byte and SubType codes
    • VIN model decoding
    • Support for D- and N-Codes
    • Read and Clear Fault Codes/Events
    • AdBlue (SCRM) support for Sprinter '10 - '14 (906)
    • AIRMATIC GL Class (X166) and SL Class (R231) Level Calibration
    • Reset Oil Service (ASSYST Plus-based models)
    • Reset Oil Service ('03 and earlier with FSS only) and CLS (219), E (211), GL, GLK, and ML (164) and R Class (251)
    • Reset Service Interval ('03 and earlier with FSS only)
    • Reset General Maintenance (ICM for 204 and X204)
    • Power Window Denormalization for DCM and LCP controllers
    • SBC Deactivation and SBC Activation
    • Rodeo, Pitch, Roll, and Move Towards Calibrated Level functions (ABC, ABC221, and ABC230)
    • Reset Sensor and Mixture Adaptation (ME2.8)
    • Reset ECU
    • Reset Adaptation Values, Cold Start Adaptation Values, and Activate Fuel Pump (ME9.7)
    • Learn Throttle Valve Stop, Teach-In Ethanol Portion, and Reset Ethanol Teach-In Processes (ME9.7)
    • Normalizing of Positioning Motors and Break-In of AC Compressor support for ML and GL Class (164), C Class (204), and R Class (251)
    • Seat Adjustment Motor Actuators Normalization for ESA controllers
    • Reset Quantity Mean Value Adaptation Data (CDI2 - CDI5)
    • Re-Initialization of AdBlue Range (CDI6)
    • Reset Transmission Adaptations (EGS52, EGS53, and VGS2)
    • Wheel ID Registration for E Class (207,212), GLK / GL / ML Class (164), and S Class (221)
    • Teach-In Component Yaw Rate and Longitudinal Sensor B24/15 (212)
    • TPMS Write Identification Numbers for SL Class '12 - '14 (231), SLK Class '11 - '14 (R172), M Class '12 - '14 (166), and GL Class '13 - '14 (X166)
    • Reset Offset Value of Signal Steering Angle for E Class '10 - '14 (W212), CLS Class '11 - '14 (W218), SLK Class '11 - '14 (R172)

    Enhanced Jaguar Expansion

    • View more then 16 sensors at one time
    • More intuitive and powerful user-interface
    • OBD-II functionality integrated with Jaguar-specific functionality
    • Faster connections
    • More PIDs available on most controllers
    • Injector Coding (2.0L)
    • Brake Sensor Setup
    • Display Last Alarm Activations (SLM and GEM)
    • Display Fuel Adaptation Tables
    • Fuel Adaptation Monitor
    • Electronic Parking Brake Release yo Service (SType/VPD/XF/XJ)
    • Front and/or Rear Light Calibration (ADHLS and HCM)
    • Reset TCM Adaptations (most models)
    • Yaw and Lateral Accelerometer Calibration
    • Reset ABS Configurations
    • System Self-Test (SType Only GEM, REM, DDM, PDM)
    • EVAP Leak Test (some ECM variations are not currently supported)
    • Driver and Passenger Glass Window Calibration (XF/XJ)
    • Battery Replacement (XF/XJ)
    • Fuel Prime (XF/XJ Petrol / Diesel)
    • Clear Adaptation / Purge Self-Test (XF/XJ Petrol)
    • Particulate Filter Fuel Related Component Replacement / Reset (XF/XJ Diesel)
    • Service Reset (XF)

    Land Rover

    • View more then 16 sensors at one time
    • Faster connections
    • More PIDs available on most controllers
    • Steering Lock Column Module fully integrated
    • Display Service and Inspection Information
    • Display Coding Information
    • Reset Service Interval (SI) Distance and Time (for '00+ BMW-based models)
    • Reset Service Interval Reset (SIR) (for '5.5+ Ford-based models)
    • Steering Wheel Angle Calibration (for '5.5+ Ford-based models)
    • Reset DME and EGS Adaptations


    • Event Memory (Airbag)
    • Operating Hours (Airbag)
    • Calibration (HBA and Air Conditioning)
    • Events and Erase Events (Instrument Cluster)
    • Events, Erase Events, and Reset (Instrument Cluster CAN)
    • Display Module Information
    • Display Vehicle Data (986/987/996/997)
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