AutoEnginuity with Asian Enhanced Bundle

AutoEnginuity with Asian Enhanced Bundle



This package from AutoEnginuity will allow you to view diagnostic codes on EVERY engine, plus it allows you to have full bi-directional control on all the asian manufacturers -- Toyota/Scion/Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Subaru, & Mitsubishi.

About the AutoEnginuity with Asian Enhanced Bundle

This package gives you the ability to perform tests such as:

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  • Air Bleed -- Usual and Master Stroke (ABS)
  • ECB Utility -- ECB Invalid, Zero Down, and Linear Valve Offset Calibration (ABS)
  • Signal Check (Airbag, ABS, ABS CAN, EFI CAN, EHPS, EMPS, and TPWS)
  • Reset Memory (EFI, EFI CAN, ABS, ABS CAN)
  • Clear Records (EMPS and VGRS)
  • Zero Point Init (EMPS)
  • Sensitivity Check (OCC)
  • Inspection Mode (ABS CAN)
  • Test Mode -- Zero Calibration (ABS, ABS CAN, TPWS, and OCC)
  • TPWS CAN Tire Registration
  • VIN programming


  • IVD Initialization (Lateral Acceleration and Yaw Rate Reset)
  • Self-Test (RCM and GEM)
  • As Built (CAN-based body controllers)
  • EPS Steering Calibration
  • IVD Initialization
  • KOEO
  • KOER
  • KAM Reset (CAN-based controllers)
  • Passenger Weight ReZero
  • SWS Calibration


  • Self-Diagnostic (Airbag)
  • ECU Part Number (Airbag)
  • Diagnostics Record (Airbag)
  • Reset ECU (Powertrain)
  • Target Idle Ignition Adjustment
  • Target Idle RPM Adjustment
  • Idle Air Volume Learn
  • Self-Learning Control
  • Door Lock Unlock Set
  • Anti-Lock Out Set
  • Set IL Door Unlock
  • Room Lamp Off Time Set
  • Room Lamp On Time Set
  • Keyless Entry Horn Chirp Set
  • Keyless Entry Hazard Lamp Set
  • Keyless Entry Multi-Answer Back Set
  • Keyless Entry Auto Lock Set
  • Keyless Entry Panic Alarm Set
  • Keyless Entry Trunk Open Set
  • Keyless Entry Power Window Down Set
  • Head Lamp Battery Saver Set
  • Head Lamp Custom Light Setting
  • Head Lamp Illumination Delay Set
  • Wiper Speed Setting
  • Security Alarm Set
  • Theft Alarm Trigger Erase


  • EVAP Leak Test (Siemens 655 [Rev 17, 18, 19], 670 [Rev 8], Bosch COM 1.1)
  • Reset Adaptions
  • PODS Reset
  • WCS Reset
  • Read Block Information
  • Steering Angle Calibration (ABS/ES 95660 [Rev 23 and 32])


  • Set Mode Steering Angle Sensor
  • Lateral and Longitudinal G Sensor Zero Point
  • Retard Ignition
  • Idle RPM Adjustments (with AC and without AC)
  • More intuitive and powerful user-interface
  • OBD-II functionality integrated with Subaru-specific functionality
  • VIN-based model decoding for rapid vehicle identification


  • ECU Information (All CAN controllers)
  • EVAP Leak Test (MFI CAN)
  • EVAP Leak Monitor (MFI E200, E400, E500, E600, 1400, and 1600 Series)
  • Gas Emissions Test Mode and Sensitivity Check (ABS CAN)
  • Reset Learned Values (MFI CAN)
  • Zero Calibration (Some OCM CAN)
  • SAS Initialization (SAS CAN)
  • Steering Angle Initialization and Operation Test (ACD CAN)
  • Air Bleed and Lateral G Sensor Initialization (ACD CAN)
  • Service Interval Reset (Meter CAN)
  • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Check (TPMS CAN (Front Only))


Watch the video below to see this AutoEnginuity Tool in action!

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