Content Delivery Platform

Deliver Information to Your Network

As a manufacturer of parts or equipment, you want to make sure your support network has access to the latest information so that your products are properly supported and represented in the marketplace. Not only that, but you want to control who has access to that information and be able to monitor what data is being consumed (or not consumed!).

The Content Delivery Platform from Diesel Laptops does just that. The technology that we've created for our users is now available for your organization. Our solution empowers your support network to be more efficient at what they do, while also providing you the data and insights you need to continue to support your products.

Content Delivery Branding
  • Platform is built with your company color scheme and logos.
  • Deliver any type of digital content including PDFs, images, videos, documents, and much more.
  • Web responsive so it works cleanly on mobile devices.
  • Android and iOS apps can be created and deployed.
Content Delivery Stats
  • Securely built so that you can choose which content users can or can't view.
  • Easy to understand interface for users that requires no training.
  • Receive data and analytics on which content your users need.
  • Easily connect your existing operating systems to this new platform.

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