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    The official logos, fonts and colors of Diesel Laptops® outlined below are intended to serve as best-practice examples. The colors, fonts, and examples of use can be applied to all Diesel Laptops sub-brands, such as Diesel Parts, Diesel Training, and Diesel Repair.

    Official Colors

    Diesel Black



    Diesel Yellow



    Dark Gray






    Light Gray






    Usage Examples

    When Diesel Black is used as a background color, Diesel Yellow or White may be used ontop. Diesel Yellow should never be used on a field of Dark Gray, Gray, or Light Gray.

    When Diesel Yellow is used as a background color, Diesel Black or White may be used ontop. Dark Gray, Gray, or Light Gray should never be used on a field of Diesel Yellow.

    Dark Gray, Gray and Light Gray should be used together, taking account for maximum contrast.

    Official Logo

    Each logo pack contains an Adobe Illustrator file as well as JPG and PNG formats of all color variations.

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    Logo Usage and Examples

    The Offical Diesel Laptops® Logo may not be altered in any way. No additional textures or styles should be added. Drop shadows should rarely, if ever, be used.

    The Offical Diesel Laptops® Logo color choice depends on the background color. The black logo should be used on light colored backgrounds only. Yellow or white logos should only be used on dark backgrounds.

    Proper usage Improper usage

    Offical Sub-brand Logos

    Official Fonts

    Use Case: Manly Man is reserved as a top-level font for logo treatments only. This font should not be used as an header element or paragraph text.

    Use Case: Bellfort is intended to be used as a header style. It should not be used as paragraph text. Bellfort is typically reserved for use in off-highway advertising.

    Use Case: Bebas Neue is the default heading text for blog post featured images, youTube thumbnails and similar images. It can be used for all brands.

    Use Case: Avenir Light is used in logos to call out the department or subject matter, such as Laptops, Training, Parts, Repair, Etc.

    Use Case: Cabin is used as the font on our website.

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    Official Imagery

    Diesel Handheld Pro

    Diesel Handheld

    Diesel Tablet

    Diesel Decoder

    Diesel Repair

    Support Cables and Adapters

    Pre-Approved Emails - Reseller

    Diesel Decoder Email

    There’s a reason the Diesel Decoder is one of our most popular products– and it’s about to be even more in-demand!

    Designed for heavy-duty owner-operators and small fleets, the Diesel Decoder is an all-in-one diagnostic tool that uses your smartphone to view fault codes and get repair information. No expensive code-scanning hardware or software needed.

    We regularly sell out. Get yours while supplies last!


    You told us the Diesel Decoder was a handy little tool to have around when you were diagnosing a truck on the road, but there was one thing missing…

    “Does everything you need but would love to be able to force a regen with it” - Tim D.

    Now you can!

    We’ve updated the Diesel Decoder to perform DPF regens.

    Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Diesel Decoder available in your app store and the next time you need to perform a DPF regen, put your Diesel Decoder to work.

    Did you know the Diesel Decoder pays for itself with one prevented tow or dealer diagnostic visit? See for yourself!

    Get the Decoder now: https://www.diesellaptops.com/products/diesel-decoder

    Diesel Tablet Email

    Customers have told us they get a ton of value from the powerful but easy to use Diesel Tablet. Now there are 5,000 more reasons to make it the diagnostic tool you count on for fast and accurate repair information.

    In addition to reading and clearing fault codes (including freeze frames), monitoring live data in graph and table formats, AND dealer-level emission system commands on the EGR, DPF, and SCR systems for all North American commercial trucks, the new and improved Diesel Tablet performs 5,000+ basic and advanced commands:

    • DEF Coolant Valve Control
    • DOC Face Plug Cleaning
    • DPF Replacement/Reset
    • EGR Valve Calibration
    • Metering Unit Flood Routine
    • Parked Regen
    • Purse Hydrocarbon Doser
    • Reset NOx Sensors
    • SCR & DPF Voltage Testing
    • SCR Air Pressure System Check
    • SCR Replacement
    • Maintenance Resets

    And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! 

    Get your Diesel Tablet for less - just $375 down with in-house financing. 

    Combine the Diesel Tablet with one year of Diesel Repair Standard and see for yourself how much the Diesel Tablet can do. 

    P.S.: Need an even more expansive diagnostic solution for fleets? Click here to learn about financing one of our dealer-level TEXA and Cojali kits. 

    Click here to learn more: https://www.diesellaptops.com/pages/guaranteed-financing

    Diesel Explorer Email

    Diesel Explorer 2.0 is our comprehensive diagnostic software for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Diesel Explorer reads all DTCs and faults from all standard vehicle modules: body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and more.

    For FREE.

    With Diesel Explorer 2.0, you can also view live data, trip information, and HD-OBD readiness information. Diesel Explorer even has built-in reporting so you're able to do a quick check on the vehicle's health.

    Version 2.0.1 is out now, with a new and improved interface, PDF exports, Total Trip Data, and much more! Click here to get Diesel Explorer for FREE now.

    P.S. Need a datalink adapter to read truck data and connect to Diesel Explorer? We’ve got it: The Nexiq USB-Link™ 2: Wired Edition. This Nexiq adapter provides the same top of the line features and speed as our wireless versions over a 100% secure connection AND comes with access to Diesel Repair Pro FREE for 30 days. Click below to get yours today!

    Diesel Repair Email #1

    With our easy search and navigation features, instantly find the exact documents you need for step-by-step remove and replace instructions, maintenance intervals, engine specifications, torque specifications, recalls, technical service bulletins (TSBs), and more!

    We have every repair document you could need along with step-by-step instructions on how to perform any repair as smoothly as possible!

    Learn more: https://repair.diesellaptops.com/technical-repair-documentation/

    Our experts continuously add new repair information to our Technical Repair Documents module every single week to ensure you will have the latest, most updated and accurate repair information in the market! 

    We have what you need, even if what you need for it hasn't been driven into your shop yet- you’ll be ready for anything with over 200,000 new pages of repair information documents added every month along with new detailed graphics, diagrams, charts and more!

    Don’t have wifi or need to save documents for future use? No problem! Download, save, or print any document you need so you will always have your repair documents ready to use!

    Schedule a FREE Demo today to see how our Technical Repair Documents module and our other repair modules are guaranteed to help your shop thrive! No gimmicks, no payment info needed, no hassle! 

    Click below to schedule your demo and get a FREE 30-Day trial of our Professional Plan!

    Schedule a Demo now: https://repair.diesellaptops.com/schedule-a-demo/

    Diesel Repair Email #2

    Have you heard the news about truck classification?

    We’ve just published a brand new blog post about it at Diesel Repair. We go in-depth about explaining the truck classification process,  details about each truck class, AND rules and regulations that are required in order to drive certain trucks.

    Read more: https://repair.diesellaptops.com/truck-classification-explained/

    Our team works hard to make sure you get a clear picture of new repair information, features, and upgrades to our platform– month-in and month-out.

    Recently, we’ve covered…

     And there’s even more in our archive!

    Want to learn more about the latest news and information we’re talking about at Diesel Repair and throughout the industry? Click here to read the latest on the Diesel Repair blog. 

    Visit our blog: https://repair.diesellaptops.com/blog/

    P.S.: Schedule a FREE personalized Diesel Repair Demo and get Diesel Repair Pro FREE for 30 days.


    Any questions or comments regarding Diesel Laptops branding guidelines can be directed to the Diesel Laptops Marketing Department by emailing marketing@diesellaptops.com