• Trade-Up Form

    Every business is different, and yours is no exception. As your business grows and changes, so do your diagnostic needs to maintain your equipment. Diesel Laptops offers an aggressive trade-up program that allows you to start with diagnostic tools that are less expensive and have less functionality. As time moves on, you can trade this equipment in and move up to a more comprehensive diagnostic tool.

    Through the Trade-Up Program, you now have the ability to purchase an eligible tool and use it for up to 365 days to see if it fits your needs. At the end of that year, if you feel you have outgrown your entry or mid-level diagnostic tool’s capabilities, simply Trade-Up to a different tool.

    For a list of eligible tools and a price list, please see our blog post.

    Provide Diesel Laptops with the information we need to give you top dollar for your equipment!

    Provide three (3) photos of the product you are trading.