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    Addon: Toyota/Scion/Lexus Enhanced Coverage

    Addon: Toyota/Scion/Lexus Enhanced Coverage

    Our enhanced Toyota interface supports engine, transmission, body, and chassis systems. System support includes the bi-directional controls and system tests such as Test Mode (Zero Point Calibration) setting for TCS / VSC systems. This includes all products manufacturered by Toyota, including Lexus and Scion.

    Additionally this support includes the Generation 1 and Generation 2 hybrids systems such as HV Battery and HV ECU. For these systems we also do support the Information Data #s reported with trouble codes. Finally, diesel support for European models (Auris, Hilux, etc.) is fully supported.

    System Tests:

    • Air Bleed -- Usual and Master Stroke (ABS)
    • ECB Utility -- ECB Invalid, Zero Down, and Linear Valve Offset Calibration (ABS)
    • Signal Check (Airbag, ABS, ABS CAN, EFI CAN, EHPS, EMPS, and TPWS)
    • Reset Memory (EFI, EFI CAN, ABS, ABS CAN)
    • Clear Records (EMPS and VGRS)
    • Zero Point Init (EMPS)
    • Sensitivitly Check (OCC)
    • Inspection Mode (ABS CAN)
    • Test Mode -- Zero Calibration (ABS, ABS CAN, TPWS, and OCC)
    • TPWS CAN Tire Registration
    • VIN programming

    NOTE: You MUST have the AutoEnginuity adapters (ST06) already. This is a software upgrade to your current setup, so we will need the serial # from your current adapter to process the order and generate a new registration code for you.