Bendix ABS Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit (TRDU)

by Bendix

Bendix ABS Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit (TRDU)

SKU K101597

The Bendix TRDU (Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit) is a diagnostic tool providing the technician with a visual indication of component Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) information from Bendix Antilock Brake Systems (ABS) for trailers.  The TRDU unit communicates across PLC4Trucks supporting common diagnostic messages.

Additionally, the Bendix TRDU provides odometer mileage readout, a method for clearing the ABS component Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and allows the user to self-configure the ABS ECU configuration on Bendix TABS-6, and MC-30 with PLC ECUs.  It will also clear most A-18 ABS with PLC ECUs (in this case, certain sensor DTCs require the vehicle to be driven). The TRDU unit is specifically designed for use with Bendix ABS and although Bendix has included some competitive support, based on reading some standard diagnostic messages, Bendix makes no claims for its operation and/or usability with other brands of ABS systems.


The TRDU unit attaches to the main trailer electrical connector (SAE J560) located at the nose of the trailer by using a 7 to 7 pin adapter (802165). The TRDU tool allows the technician to:

•   Troubleshoot ABS system component problems using Diagnostic Trouble Code reporting via LEDs.  Blink codes are also activated when the TRDU unit is first attached to trailers with a TABS-6 ECU (the full readout is displayed using the trailer-mounted ABS lamp).
•   Reset the Diagnostic Trouble Codes on Bendix ABS ECUs by holding a magnet over the “B” of the Bendix logo on the face of the TRDU tool for 6, or less, seconds.
•   Enter the Self-Configuration Mode for MC-30 and TABS-6 standard & premium models by holding a magnet over the reset area for greater than 6 seconds but less than 11 seconds. Note that, in the case of TABS-6 advanced ECUs, to enter the self-configuring mode a connected PC with Bendix ACom Diagnostics Software
is required.
•   Read the odometer data.  This information is continuously flashed out using the TRDU unit’s ODO LED as soon as communications is established, and repeats every 10 seconds